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Myths are like dreams: They’re endless. The separation of fact and fiction can rely on a single thread, especially when it comes to bedding and mattresses. Most likely, you have a few questions. (How much does thread count matter? And what does a box spring actually do?) Read on as we debunk five of the biggest bedding myths — and put them to rest for good.

Myth #1: Thread Count Is What Counts the Most

Thread count does count, but not as much as another element: fiber. More threads doesn’t automatically equal better bedding — it just means there are more of them, and that’s what makes them softer. The quality of the fiber, however, is a better indicator of the quality of your bedding. You want to look for high-quality fibers like percale, Egyptian cotton, pima, Tencel, cotton polyester, and the like.

Myth #2: To Stay Cool in the Summer, Ditch That Top Sheet

The types of materials in your blankets and sheets not only impact temperature; they ultimately also impact how you sleep. So, in those warmer months, you’ll want to consider not only fiber quality, but also take into account fiber weave. Sateen sheets, for instance, will generally keep you warmer, owing to their tighter weave (which is what makes them thick).

The plain weave of percale sheets is lighter and more breathable, so they’re perfect for the summer months. Flannel sheets, meanwhile, feature a close, fuzzy weave to keep you exceptionally warm in colder months. Just like fashion, it’s best to dress yourself (and your bed) for the appropriate season.

Bedding myths - girl relaxing in bed with percale sheets

Myth #3: Memory Foam Is Hot, Hot, Hot

Memory foam mattresses rely on the density of the material to support your body — that’s why they’re so comfy. But, that density doesn’t always allow for breathability and air circulation; while some of the memory foam mattresses out there do offer great support, they also can come with a sweaty night’s sleep.

We hate sweating through our sheets too, so we made our mattresses with a luxuriously silky cover designed to actually move air and heat away, and keep you comfortable season after season.

Want to see that cooling power in action? The Sleep Sherpa actually measured the temperature of an Allswell mattress to show how quickly the heat fades. Pretty *cool*, right?

Sure, memory foam in general is hot owing to its density, but with a little innovation, mattresses don’t have to be.

Allswell Mattress with cool topper

Myth #4: You Need a Box Spring

Box springs offer several functions. They raise the height of your mattress while also offering support, and help to absorb shock and reduce mattress wear. However, from a comfort-based standpoint, they aren’t necessary. As long as your mattress lives on a flat, hard surface — a sturdy bed works just fine —  it will remain safe for snuggling. As for two-sided mattresses: They’re a rare find, and do need some extra something-something (i.e., a box spring) beneath them.

Myth #5: You Shouldn’t Purchase Your Mattress Online

Now this one just makes us laugh. Sleep Like the Dead, an independent sleep products reviewer (with a macabre moniker), rated mattresses purchased both in-store and online, and the findings are pretty eye-opening:

Mattress owner satisfaction is pretty comparable between those who purchased a mattress in stores and those who bought online. In general, buying online saves you money (about 15%), the quality and materials are actually better, and the return fees for an online mattress are generally significantly less … or free. Plus, you’re not getting the sales pressure you would from an in-store salesman looking to make a commission, and, on average, customer service ranks better than those mattress stores.

Clicking a few buttons to order a mattress sounds pretty good, right? We think so, too.

Now that we’ve cleared up these misconceptions, it’s time for a much-needed nap. Sweet dreams!

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