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We chatted with Kelly Mindell, DIY extraordinaire and founder of Studio DIY, about life and designing her new home.

At Allswell, we are inspired by the moments when all feels right in the world and have gratitude for those the moments where they aren't quite...well...Allswell. We caught up with Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY to find out where she finds her Allswell, where she gets her design inspiration, and how she gets her best night's sleep. Read on to find out.

When you’re at home, what does “Allswell” mean to you?

Kelly: Allswell means weekend mornings in PJs dancing to our favorite songs as a family. ​

Recent Allswell moment?

Kelly: We recently had a rare weekend with no plans. We had a lazy morning with pancakes for breakfast followed by a family dance party. Later, we packed a lunch and decided to explore a new park. Our son has a new obsession with airplanes and when one flew overhead, he looked up and beamed! He was so excited he actually saw one. It was the sweetest.  In that moment, all felt right in the world!

    What do you do when you need to find your Allswell?

    Kelly: I take a few moments to recount the good things that happened that day or week and tell myself just one thing I have done recently that I'm proud of, even if nothing else on my list has gotten checked off.


      Do you prefer a softer or firmer mattress?

      Kelly: I always thought I preferred a softer mattress... until I slept on a firmer one and had the best sleep of my life. ​

        How has your Allswell changed as your family has expanded?

        ​Kelly: Our mornings are no longer quiet and lazy but they're so much better! Every day we get to wake up to our son smiling from ear to ear just because we walked into the room. He's loud and crazy and we're exhausted by 10am but it's so worth it. 

          What has been your favorite home DIY project?

          Kelly: My favorite home DIY project is a huge latch hook I made of a rainbow to go over my son's crib. It took months and months but was so worth it for him to fall asleep every night now looking at it!​ (Allswell note: hop over to Kelly's Instagram to see the project she is referencing!)


            Three words to describe how you want your home to feel (or how you feel at home)?

            ​Kelly: Friendly, Warm and Bright.​

            Describe your design style. Where do you find inspiration?

            Kelly: My design style is clean but eclectic. I love to start with a simple white slate and add in layers and layers of texture and color in furniture, decor and art. I find inspiration most from artisans around the world. Our home is filled with art pieces from Mexico, baskets from Rwanda, rugs from Morocco and textiles from Australia. 

              Finish this sentence. The first thing I do as soon as I get home is

              Kelly: ...put on sweatpants!


              We're with you, girl. Grab your comfy clothes and cozy up in bed. You are home.

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