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Whether you're hosting in-laws, friends, or tourists from across the globe, your guest room should be a space that keeps its occupants feeling perfectly at home. To start planning for the spare room of your dreams, first and foremost, consider the audience. Who will be staying in your guest room? And more importantly, how can you make their stay as comfortable as possible?

Select the type of guest space that best suits your lifestyle, then discover the essential items and endearing extras that take a guest room from "fine" to 5-star.


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Grown-Up Crash Pad

You're not quite at the "I can afford a place with a spare bedroom" level of adulting yet, but you want your out-of-town friends to feel like they're truly on vacation when they come to visit. To set up an Insta-worthy sleeping space your besties will love, look for pieces that are cute, cozy, and most importantly, versatile.

The Essentials

Bed (Pull-out couches and futons definitely count)


Extra bedding (You don't want her waking you up at 3 a.m. to ask for another blanket)

Bath linens

The Endearing Extras

A place to lounge

Sometimes the best parts of visiting a friend are the hours spent doing nothing at all. Get comfy in front of the TV with plenty of pillows and blankets, then queue up your favorite shows and try and recover from your wild night out.

Vanity table

Getting ready with girlfriends becomes a LOT harder when there's only one mirror. Set up a separate mirror or vanity for guests to keep your hair and makeup routines harmonious.

Blackout curtains/eye mask

If your guest is crashing in an especially sunny room, give her an eyeshade or make sure the curtains are sufficiently dark. She'll appreciate you looking out for her beauty sleep! 

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Photo credit: Hayneedle

An A+ B&B

If you're renting out your spare room to tourists and travelers, your guests' comfort and privacy should remain your top priority. After all, they're on vacation and you're the resort!

Make sure your guest room is stocked with all the essentials, plus plenty of spare linens and toiletries so visitors can help themselves to whatever they need.

The Essentials

Bed(s) (1 full/queen or king, or 2+ twins for hosting multiple guests)

Bedding (2 pillows per guest, flat and fitted sheet, blanket, and comforter)

Extra bedding (Store in a decorative basket or bin so guests can add layers as they choose)

Drawers and clothes hangers

Bath linens

Travel-sized toiletries

The Endearing Extras


Attractive houseplants add a refreshing pop of texture and color, purify the air around them, and prove to your guests that you'll (probably) be able to keep them alive, too. (Just kidding!)


Full-length mirrors make the room appear bigger, and allow guests to easily document their #OOTDs. An essential.

Multipurpose space

A desk, table, or reading nook is perfect for guests who want to work, eat, or study from the comfort and privacy of their room.

 bunk beds - hayneedle

Photo credit: Hayneedle

A Family Affair

Whether it's occupied by dozens of cousins or a pair of aging in-laws, your guest room should be comfortable, accessible, and family-friendly for all.

If you regularly host big groups at the holidays, or families with children, consider bunk beds or air mattresses to maximize sleeping space. For elderly relatives moving in long-term, incorporate accessible layouts and private amenities to encourage their independence.

The Essentials

Beds(s) (1 full/queen or king, or a handful of bunk beds to maximize space)

Extra bedding (Extra pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, and air mattresses)

Bath linens


The Endearing Extras

Age-Appropriate Accessibility

If you'll be hosting older relatives or guests with mobility issues, invest in a shower seat or bath rails, and make sure beds aren't too high off the ground. If relatives with infants or toddlers are visiting, make accommodations for the little ones with play pens, baby gates, or booster seats.

Private amenities

If you're creating an "in-law suite" for aging parents, private amenities like a kitchenette or en-suite bathroom can help your relatives maintain a sense of independence.

A separate entrance

To create an even greater sense of privacy and independence for seniors moving in long-term, consider equipping their room with a private outdoor entrance.

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