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While chic bedding, decor, and furniture give a master suite style, plants add a touch of living nature inspiration that’ll make it a true oasis. No sleep environment is complete without them. And the benefits are more than just visual. Not to get too sixth-grade-science-class on you, but many plants add oxygen to the air and reduce CO2 levels. Some plants can also reduce pollutants. And on top of all this, a number of plants are thought to relax the mind … which is generally good for sleep.

Those benefits — combined with the obvious visual ones, as well as the feeling of accomplishment you get in caring for your plants — make them an integral part of a self-care routine. “As a gregarious extrovert, it has been a journey to find something that replenished the nurturer that I am,” says Christopher Griffin (@plantkween), pictured in the botanically fabulous photos on this page. “Some days my self-care is blasting opera music in my apartment as I water my plants, other days it’s browsing through plant shops and chatting with the shopkeepers about plant care tips, or it’s a trip with my boyfriend to the botanical garden.”


Image from Christopher Griffin (@plantkween


Ready to get started on your own botanical journey? Here are 5 to start with:


-- Lavender. Many know and love lavender for its calming properties (and intoxicatingly good scent), and lavender oil has also been shown to promote good sleep.


-- Jasmine. Similar to lavender, this sweet-smelling flower can help promote that often-elusive feeling of calm. One study suggested that the scent of jasmine oil can potentially reduce anxiety and promote rest.


-- Snake plant. This is one of the best plants for purifying the air, as it’s particularly efficient in emitting oxygen and reducing CO2. Unlike many plants, it even does so at night! It can even remove formaldehyde from its environment. For those reasons, NASA included it on its definitive list of air-filtering plants.


-- Aloe vera. Similar to the snake plant, this one also scored a mention on NASA’s air-filtering plant list. It’s also super easy to care for.


--Gerbera daisy. Besides being yet another flower to earn placement on NASA’s air-filtering plant list, this one is particularly cheery and beautiful. Call it an expert oxygen-producer and pollutant-filterer that just happens to double as chic decor.


Inspired to transform your sleep environment? You’re just one trip to the garden center away.

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