10 Reasons to Stay in Bed

10 Reasons to Stay in Bed

June 06, 2019


We’re never going to encourage you not to stay in bed. But just in case you need a little extra inspiration to remain in your happy place a little longer (whether to catch up on sleep or to spend some chill time awake), here’s a very brief list of reasons to stay under the covers.

Because that extra half hour of sleep will make the difference between being alert and wearing two different socks.

Because it’s OK not to be OK. Sometimes you need “you time” for a day.

Because you went to sleep binge-watching your favorite show and you’re not all the way through the season yet.

Because you stayed up way too late. (It’s officially OK to postpone your day; you’ll get that to-do list done by the time bedtime rolls around again.)


Because you enjoyed two too many glasses of Sancerre last night.


Because your pet is sleeping next to you and you don’t want to wake him or her up.


Because blankets.


Because that book is too good to put down.


Because it’s the weekend. (Or Tuesday.)


Because it’s Just. So. Comfy.

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