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If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that women make the world go ‘round. We’re seeing women in politics, leading companies, raising strong children, and taking charge all around. Here are just a few women who, at Allswell, are inspiring us right now. Check them out!



1. Amber Lewis

While she wears many, many hats, this mama, designer, wife, and blogger of Amber Interior Design exudes casual-cool. Her swoon-worthy interiors are unfussy, livable spaces. Check out her use of neutrals, warm woods, and touches of industrial chic on her personal Instagram or that of her interior design firm.



2. Emily Henderson

She’s the real deal, y’all. Emily’s sunny personality shines just as brightly as the rooms she styles. Plus, she’s an author (a New York Times-bestselling author, to boot). What’s not to love about her?! Find her on Insta here, or head to her website



3. Naomi Davis

You may know her by her blog persona, Love Taza. This globe-trotting mama of five (yes, FIVE) has long embraced a cozy—sometimes chaotic—family aesthetic. But that doesn’t stop her. Whether it’s the crystalline waters of Mallorca or the gray streets of NYC, Naomi and her brood are all about the simple joys. Check out her colorful life on Instagram. (She even stopped by our crown mural for a photo op!)


4. Athena Calderone

When we talk about our tastemakers, one of whom we adore is Athena Calderone. Her home and bedroom combine textured elements and timeless tones  in rich charcoals, grays and white for a space that is impossibly chic. Calderone truly lives the luxe life. She’s even a cookbook author! Follow along at her Instagram to catch a glimpse of her tres glam life.



5. Layla Palmer

This Alabama girl, longtime blogger at The Lettered Cottage, and mama to a beautiful son gets personal on her Instagram Stories and in her blog. Follow her and husband Kevin’s adoption journey, check out her charming farmhouse interiors, and get inspired with her style picks.


6. Venus Williams

Yes, that Venus Williams. Girlfriend can hit a tennis ball like no one’s business, but she also kicks ass in interior design. Williams founded her south Florida-based firm, V Starr Interiors, in 2002, and offers a full range of services to high-end clients, including the Ritz-Carlton. Take inspiration from this hard-hitting girl boss.



7. Rachel Parcell

Perfectly placed ruffles, feminine curves, soft pastels. That’s clothing designer Rachel Parcell’s aesthetic. Her modern romantic style incorporates blush pinks, whites, gold, pops of mint green and plenty of fresh blooms. Check out the things that inspire Rachel’s designs.


8. Kelsey Montague

All hail the Supreme Queen! When we needed someone to design our crown art installation in NYC, we knew exactly who to call: none other than street artist, Kelsey Montague, whose intricate designs grace the brick walls of buildings across the globe. In fact, you can check out a map of her current art designs. View plenty of her whimsical installations on her Insta.



9. Nicole Gibbons  

Interior designer Nicole Gibbons is amazing, guys. Not only has she graced the airwaves of OWN, HGTV, and Rachael Ray, her impeccable taste has been featured in just about every shelter mag worth its salt. Her personal aesthetic is timeless sophistication with a fresh, modern edge. Check her out on Instagram, along with her lifestyle blog.



10. Emily Ley

“Hi, friends!” Emily Ley’s live videos always begin with a sunny salutation, indivictive of her warm Southern charm. Why are we mentioning the Florida native here? Well, she’s a super mom of three, and 10 years ago, she became her own boss. If you haven’t checked out the Emily Ley Planners to organize and simplify your life, they’re a must-have! And if all that weren’t enough, Ley also has authored two books, “Grace, Not Perfection” and “A Simplified Life.” Find her on Instagram and at her website.

11. Patricia Vargas

A few years back, SoCal artist Patricia Vargas decided to make a full-time career of her abstract paintings. We’ve long been fans of her Parima Creative Studio, with its affordable prints and original artwork in a palette of vibrant hues. Not only have her paintings been featured in hotels and galleries around the world, Vargas has now turned toward helping others get started in the biz, offering resources and mentorship to other budding creators. Find plenty of eye candy at her Instagram, and check out her business resources here.  

12. Keita Turner Designs

You won’t find any bland design elements where Keita Turner is concerned. From textiles to pottery and wall art to light sconces, the NYC-based designer finds beauty in the details. Her globally inspired, bold, yet timeless designs are saturated with color, as evidenced by her pillow collection, Livvy & Neva. Her enduring designs have been featured in the Essence magazine showcase home, as well as restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, hotels, and exhibition galleries. Learn where she draws inspiration for designs at her Instagram.

13. Emily McDowell

Cat got your tongue? Emily McDowell to the rescue. This badass lady has a card (or mug or enamel pin) for everything … and we just can’t get enough. While McDowell’s pithy cards that strike just the right chord get most of the press, it’s the cancer survivor’s creativity and resilience that really make Emily McDowell Studio products great. (We’re currently digging the “Behind every great woman is another great woman replying to her frantic texts in the middle of the night” card.) Check out her Instagram and her studio of cliche-free greetings.

14. Genevieve Gorder

She’s a Global Oxfam ambassador, a mom, a TV personality, and a designer. Oh yeah, she also designed the Allswell Globally Inspired bedding collection, with its rich indigo and yellow color palette and lovely textures. Check out Gorder’s wanderings and musings on her Instagram.

15 Brandy Brown

Need an elegant DIY, colorful gift wrap, or a gold foil art print? Check out Marabou Design and its visionary, Brandy Brown. The graphic artist, craft curator, and influencer offers attainable style in spades. Find her sunny disposition on display at her Insta.

Now, we want to know: What women inspire you? What creative forces out there have changed your life or your perspective?

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