5 Reasons Why People Love Hybrid Mattresses

hybrid mattresses

April 15, 2019


People are seriously loving hybrid mattresses — as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews for both of our offerings: The Allswell, and the Luxe Hybrid. Not quite convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons why many folks have gone hybrid, never to go back.

They’re the best of both worlds. No longer do sleepers have to choose between the traditional comfort of an innerspring mattress and the body-contouring support of a memory foam mattress. Because hybrids have both. Happy mediums are nice.

They keep couples happy. OK, that might be a stretch … but actually, maybe not. The memory foam in hybrid mattresses makes for less motion transfer than traditional spring mattresses. So if your partner tosses and turns, you likely won’t feel it as much as you would on a traditional mattress.

hybrid mattress for couples

They have a little bounce. Despite having less motion transfer than traditional springs, hybrids generally have more “bounce” than all-memory-foam mattresses, because they combine coils with foam. This generally makes for better edge support (try sitting down on the edge of an all-foam mattress to put on your shoes). The added bounce also makes it more amenable to, er, amorous activities than an all-foam mattress.

They’re cooler and more comfortable. Generally, hybrid mattresses are more breathable than all-foam. And they generally sleep a little less hot than all-foam, which tend to retain heat more. (Additionally, all Allswell mattresses are encased in a specially woven fabric designed to feel cool to the touch.)

They hit the sweet spot between firm and soft. Many find hybrid mattresses to be a great balance between firm and soft. (When you go Allswell, you don’t have to choose a firmness, making life even easier. We designed all our mattresses with a medium-firm feel based on our Very Unscientific Firmness Scale; after many iterations, we finally nailed what we think is the perfect recipe for the ideal medium-firm feel.)*

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It Isn’t Called “Luxe” For Nothing

Our original hybrid is packed with premium features.



REFERENCE LINK: https://sleepopolis.com/blog/hybrid-mattress-vs-memory-foam/
* Firmness scale was created by Allswell based on the subjective opinions of Allswell and its extended team of 20 sleepers.