A Skincare Routine Without Ever Leaving Bed

A Skincare Routine Without Ever Leaving Bed

February 01, 2019


Photo courtesy of Lanya Olmsted [Co-founder & COO] & Mandi Nyambi [Co-founder & CEO] at Le Culture Club.

There is truly nothing better than slipping into bed after a long day. You’re cozy, relaxed and midway through a Netflix marathon, but then you remember...you forgot to wash your face. Not to worry, keeping just a few key products in your bedside table can save you from the dread of leaving the safe haven of your bedding and ruining your Netflix streak.

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing is essential. Between pollution, face-touching, your phone, and life in general, your skin takes on a lot in a day. Luckily, there are a lot of options for a quick, mess-free cleanse.

Micellar water is having a moment and for good reason. It removes makeup, balances the skin, and moisturizes–all without dragging yourself out of your blankets to the sink! Just be sure to have some cotton pads handy on your bedside table.

micellar oil

Step 2: Treat

Cleansing creates a clean canvas for treating any skin concerns. Serums are here for you. There’s a serum for everyone, no matter what skin type. If your skin is dry, reach for a serum with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin, like the one from The Ordinary. For an oilier complexion, the Caudalie Vinopure serum is a skin-saver. It treats acne and reduces oil with its key ingredient, salicylic acid. For combination skin, a soothing, no-fuss, brightening vitamin C serum will do wonders. Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C Serum is chock-full of antioxidants that even skin-tone and texture

mad hippiecaudalie serumthe ordinary


Step 3: Oil Up

Putting oil on your skin may seem counterintuitive, especially if you have oily skin. Plot twist: much of the reason skin tends to get oily is because it doesn’t get enough moisture, so skin overproduces oil to make up for the lack thereof. Replenish your moisture levels with a non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging) oil, like rosehip seed oil, marula oil or jojoba oil.

marula oil

Step 4: Massage

Another bedside necessity is a jade roller not only because it looks cute, but because of the undeniable skin benefits. After applying your oil, treat your skin to an in-bed massage. Jade rolling aids in lymphatic drainage, increasing blood circulation and detoxification. Say hello to brighter, tighter skin!

jade rollerStep 5: Moisturize

Now comes the real fun. Sure, you could go with any old moisturizer and call it a night, but since you’re already cozy in bed, why not take it up a notch and opt for an ultra-moisturizing overnight mask? Overnight masks, like the Glow Recipe’s Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, give your skin a major moisture boost. Glow Recipe’s mask contains avocado and honey to moisturize and boost collagen production as well as kaolin clay and PHA to clear and exfoliate. You get the moisturizer with all the benefits of a mask in one easy step!

Step 6: Sleep

Get that 8 hours. Restless sleep leads to all kinds of skin snafus, so eliminate tossing and turning with the perfect mix of plush and firm with the Allswell Luxe Hybrid. To really up the ante and get the best sleep of your life, throw in a nice fluffy King Sized Pillow and the All-Season Duvet, which, unlike most duvets out there, won’t have you waking up overheated at 3am. Get ready to wake up well-rested with glowing skin you’ve only ever dreamed about.

allswell duvet

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