Above the Tray: Your Best Breakfast In Bed

Above the Tray: Your Best Breakfast In Bed

March 01, 2018


Beautiful tabletop items + your bed + breakfast = a perfect Allswell experience. And since our design-obsessed hearts beat extra fast for the impeccable selection at MoMA Design Store, we asked MoMA’s Chay Costello to help us start the day in style.

The only time anyone ever tells you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is when you don’t want to hear it. Usually because you haven’t had one. Let’s flip that. We’re here to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it’s the most enjoyable. If  you have it in bed, that is. Breakfast in bed is a multi-sensory experience that tastes great, feels great, and, this is imperative, looks great.

To help with the latter part we consulted a woman with deep experience in curating everyday moments: Chay Costello, Associate Director of Merchandising at the MoMa Design Store. Chay’s job is to select practical and beautiful houseware from all over the world for MoMA’s shops, but before an alarm clock or toaster makes it to the store’s shelves, it has to pass the rigorous design and functionality standards set by the Museum’s curators.  Get ready to make your Allswell moment museum-worthy.


Serve It Up

“This French, handmade tray is lightweight, yet strong, an important combo as you (or, ideally, someone else) transport your breakfast from the kitchen to the bedroom. The round design makes it perfect to set on a bedside table.”

Perfect Plating

“Master architect Zaha Hadid designed these Illusions Tableware plates that interplay with lines and scale to create a 3D effect. Besides being lovely to look at, they add a sense of mystery to your scrambled eggs.”

Silver Spooning

“When I want to fantasize that I’m a 1960s era foreign diplomat, I eat my cereal with the elegant, modernist Embassy Flatware. It was originally created by David Mellor in 1963 for use in British embassies around the world.”

Like Buttah

“Butter is a key for any successful breakfast. But if it’s not room temperature it can be hard to work with. The Butterup Knife takes a hard butter brick and turns it into sumptuous, spreadable ribbons.”

In the Mix

“I like to mix up my coffee game in the morning, but don’t want to have to think too hard. This handy borosilicate glass Multi-ccino Mug helps you measure ingredients and change the proportions of espresso, milk and water using the indicators printed on the outside of the mug.”

Flower Power

“Wake up to a moment of beauty and contemplation. The Mellow Vase is inspired by the play between color and light in Impressionist paintings. The subtle color gradation is particularly pretty in the soft morning light.”


Breakfast Starts Here

Your perfect breakfast in bed begins with, well, your perfect bed. Explore mattresses and inspiring Bedscapes to start creating your “bedroom bistro.” Bon appétit.