All About the Energy: 12 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

All About the Energy: 12 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

August 08, 2019


Need a little positive energy in the bedroom? Who doesn’t? These 12 tips, all based on Feng Shui principles, will direct good energy your way. 

1. Use a solid headboard … either wood or upholstered. No bookshelves or anything unstable overhead. And no metal.

2. Position bed frame high enough off the ground to let good energy circulate (i.e., not flat on the ground).

3. Make sure the bed is easily approached from both sides. (Not sure what size to get to allow for this? Check out our mattress size guide.)

4. Place the head of your bed against a solid wall, to create strong supporting energy.

5. Put night stands on either side of the bed, for grounding energy. (They don’t have to match. Also, they shouldn’t be massive or have sharp corners.

6. Place the bed in the Feng Shui commanding position — the area furthest from the door where you can see the door but not be in a direct line with it. (This allows you to be the commander of your own energy, hence the name.)

7. Choose soothing colors in neutral calming tones to promote restorative sleep and tranquility.

feng shui your bedroom

8. Choose art that depicts scenes you want to see happening in your life, so you can invite positive, happy and healing energy to invite serenity into your space. (This isn’t the place for a bright-red abstract art moment.)

9. Ditch the technology — or at least shut it off anywhere near bedtime.

10. Keep light ample yet soft. Candles are some of the best light to have in your bedroom to promote a healing, warm atmosphere. (Just be sure to blow them out before you get too sleepy.

11. Close all your bedroom doors at night (bathroom, closet, etc.) to ensure that the good energy you’re cultivating doesn’t escape. 

12. Lastly, choose the best mattress you can — a comfortable one that promotes sleep and relaxation. (You know we’ve got your back on this front.)

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