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In our new content series, Allswell Asks, we’ll get thoughts on life — from everyday routines to wildest dreams — from interesting, influential, and inspiring people of all types.

Jena Kingsley is a content creator in the most versatile sense of the term — from her writings on relationships, parenting and more, to a YouTube channel filled with parodies and social experiments that are as thought-provoking as they are hilarious. Below, thoughts and musings from the comedic cultural critic who’s seriously worth keeping tabs on.

Describe your perfect Allswell experience.

My perfect Allswell experience is sitting around a table with a group of my friends laughing ‘til it hurts. I am fortunate to have lifelong friends who have been through every stage of life with me so there’s literally no reference they don’t get. To me laughing is medicine. Life is way better when you can laugh at anything — even when things are going into flames, you’ve got to be able to make a joke about it to get you through.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Night owl all the way. I can stay up ‘til crazy hours and do my best work in the middle of the night. I am trying to change that though. I started exercising first thing in the morning and while I wouldn’t call myself an early bird, I’m becoming more of a morning person. But let’s not get crazy. Don’t talk to me ‘til I have had my morning coffee.

Do you have any evening or morning ritual?

I am not really a routine or ritual person, but I do start every morning with a cup of coffee and end my night with whatever I have on my DVR (usually the “Housewives” of every single city)

What are 3 words to describe how you feel when you’re at home?

Relaxed. Happy. Comfortable.

Finish this sentence. The first thing I do as soon as I get home is…

Get in bed. No, seriously. Right into bed every time. It’s my favorite place in the house.

Tell us about your writing process and rituals. Do they ever involve bed? (Do you keep a journal on the nightstand?)

I do my best work in bed. That sounds very MTV Cribs, “This is where the magic happens.” But I do. I usually get inspired in the middle of the night by a random thought or an article I read and I have an idea that I make sure to get down quickly so I don’t forget in the morning.

How did the idea for your videos come about?

There were so many things I would look at in the world and say “Do we even realize how strange this is?” So my videos were a way to take a look at the things we were doing, point them out in a comedic way, but also bring awareness and have us say, “Oh yeah. This is kind of crazy.” Everyone is so consumed with social media but if you take the screen away, does it make sense? The idea between how we conduct ourselves in real life versus what we are doing online fascinates me. I guess it fascinates everyone else too, since social networking in real life is still going viral to this day.

Given our focus here at Allswell, we’d love to know: what’s the secret to a happy relationship when it comes to the bedroom?

Being on the same page as your partner as to what you need and want.

When newly dating someone and entering their bedroom for the first time, what are red flags to look for?

No bed frame! Total red flag. If they can’t commit to a bed frame, they definitely can’t commit to a relationship!

jena kingsley

What keeps you up at night?

I think a better question would be, what doesn’t? Other than the world coming completely off the rails, a more basic answer is the renovation of my country house. I call it my Baby Boom moment. Remember in that movie, when Diane Keaton impulsively buys an old farm house in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t know the first thing about houses? That’s basically me right now. I can only hope I will meet a hot vet up there who looks just like Sam Shepard. I’m trying to get the house ready by summer and while I’m falling asleep I remember what I have to do and what I haven’t done. But the beds are taken care of…cause…well….Allswell. Every guest who has stayed there sleeps on an Allswell mattress and every single one tells me how comfortable the bed is.

Where do you find inspiration?

Usually article headlines. I’ll read something that strikes me as funny and I immediately have an idea for my next video or project. Music is another big one. I see a ton of live music. A ton is probably an understatement. I see everything. To me that’s religion (don’t tell my rabbi), but I find concerts the perfect place to clear my head and get inspired. And lastly, one of my greatest inspirations come from people. I am lucky to have friends and colleagues who are incredibly inspiring (read funny) and sometimes a funny conversation will lead me right to my next idea.

jena kingsley and allswell home

Lighting round:

Last restaurant you ate at:

Blossom café. I am not a vegan but jackfruit tacos! Who knew?

Upcoming trips?

Putting some on the roster right now. Any suggestions? My son wants me to take him to Berlin so we can drive on the Autobahn. Sounds a little dangerous. I am a terrible driver. People barely want me driving on the Long Island Expressway, let alone a highway with no speed limit!

What’s your coffee order?

Coffee with Almond milk. Pretty basic

Top song on rotation:

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, and anything by Cardi B.

Guilty pleasure:

Netflix. All of it. I can’t stop. I’m a junkie. If I could mainline it into my veins I probably would.

Catch Jena on instagram @jenakingsley to see follow along with her day to day happenings.

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