Rachel Parcell on Allswell

Rachel Parcell on Allswell

March 19, 2018


This post was written by the talented, Rachel Parcell, curator of our Modern Glam Bedscape. The article first appeared on her blog, Pink Peonies.

Dog on Allswell Modern Glam Bed

Rachel Parcell and her dog cuddling on her bed

Rachel Parcell and daughter reading on bed

Rachel Parcell Dog on Allswell Bed

Rachell Parcell Modern Glam Allswell Collection

Rachel Parcell making her Modern Glam bed

Today I’m excited to finally reveal my new Bedscape that I had the opportunity to curate for Allswell! I am constantly telling people that in another life I was an interior designer ;). I love creating a different mood in the spaces in my home. Every spring I freshen up the rooms in my home, and my bedding is always at the top of my list. It’s an easy way to instantly elevate your space for a new season. The mood I wanted to create in my bedroom was bright, fresh and airy with a feminine touch and I love how this look pulled together.

It can be overwhelming matching the many different elements that pull a Bedscape together. Making sure the pillows coordinate and are properly stuffed, finding a throw, shams and bedspread that compliment the pillows, etc. Here I have done all the hard work for you. I spent hours looking through the vast selection of Allswell designs to curate this Bedscape that you can relax in and enjoy. Also- only one of the pillows is pink so your hubby or boyfriend can’t complain ;).

I was excited to parter with Allswell because I was so intrigued with their mission which is to make shopping for mattresses and bedding fast and fool-proof! Allswell makes it look like you hired (and paid) for an interior decorator. My favorite part is that it was created for-women, by-women! Who remembers Genevieve from TLC and HGTV?! Love her!! She is one of my fellow design curators who do the work for you, so you don’t have to!

You can see the rest of the four limited-edition Bedscapes (that are all affordable) and completely curated by noble tastemakers here. Let me know which one is your favorite! There is a style for everyone!

ps…The base layer of the Bedscape is Allswell’s Luxe Classic, Firmer mattress. (It also comes in a softer version). It’s so luxe from the inside out. There is a 100-night free trial and they will haul away of your old mattress!

Brought to you by Allswell.



You can find Rachel on her blog, Pink Peonies, and on Instagram @rachparcell.

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