Allswell Style, 5 Ways

Allswell Style, 5 Ways

November 16, 2018



These sought-after influencers put their own style spin on our bedding and decor.

Your mattress is the foundation of your master suite. Get a great one, and you’ll be well on the way to turning your bedroom into an oasis. But don’t stop there! Once you’ve found the perfect mattress, elevate your bed — and your room — with bedding and decor that reflect your personal style.

Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Get ready for some major bedroom inspo, courtesy of five standout influencers. Check out their styles and looks, and get set to transform your own space:

Crystalin Marie

Crystalin Marie looks at style through a classic lens, inspiring people to invest in timeless pieces, use what’s already in their closet, and make smart buying decisions — so they can feel confident and stylish, no matter the occasion.

Her Allswell look: A contemporary take on timeless style:

  • Pink Woven Geometric Pattern Pillow
  • Modern White Percale Duvet Cover
  • Percale Euro Sham

    Natalie Pinto

    Curated by Natalie and her sister Erika Pinto, The Fashionably Broke is a blog that gives cash-strapped style lovers inspired fashion, decor, and travel ideas that won’t obliterate your budget.

    Her Allswell look: Luxe for less:

  • Decorative Rust Velvet Pillow
  • Charcoal Herringbone Throw
  • Textured Cotton Striped Pillow

    Elizabeth Hyland

    Color, texture, and more than a small dose of nature inspiration are on display in Elizabeth Hyland’s Instagram page, @EACourts. It’s a seamlessly chic blend of seasonal style and home decor.

    Her Allswell look: Great basics, elevated with subtle nature inspiration:

  • Boho Linen Striped Duvet Cover
  • Decorative Rust Velvet Pillow
  • Grey Cotton & Wool Lightweight Throw

    Emilee Durrant

    As the refreshingly succinct title of her blog (The Simplicity Blog) indicates, Emilee Durrant takes a less-is-more approach to fashion and decor, while sharing novel tips, thoughts, and experiences from her day-to-day life. The result is a look and feel that’s minimal yet cozy.

    Her Allswell look: Warmed-up minimalism

  • Lightweight Pink Textured Coverlet
  • Percale Sheet Set

    Megan Crean

    From city-perfect outfits to beachy looks, Megan Crean has an eye for color, print, and texture — she truly has fun with fashion (and in general!), and her posts inspire others to do the same.

    Her Allswell look: Effortlessly eclectic

  • Mint Cotton Woven Throw
  • Lightweight Pink Textured Coverlet
  • Pink Woven Geometric Pattern Pillow
  • Cable Knit Decorative Pillow