How to Tidy Up Quickly (but Thoroughly): A Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

How to Tidy Up Quickly (but Thoroughly): A Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

September 17, 2019


We get it — bedrooms get messy. The room we spend the most time in is the one that’s most apt to collect dust and clutter in a shockingly short span of time. But you can combat the encroaching mess thanks to these super simple tips for tidying up. Just go down the list, and by the end, your formerly chaotic space will once again be a chic master suite.

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Gather your cleaning tools.

Your cleaning routine will go a lot easier if you reserve some time at the start for gathering all your cleaning products and tools, so you don’t have to interrupt your momentum to go rummaging for stuff. Gather a few big trash bags, a vacuum with all the necessary attachments, cleaners (glass-cleaning spray, multi-purpose cleaner, furniture polish), a long-handled duster, and microfiber cleaning cloths. 


You can’t clean effectively if your space is cluttered. So take a little time to declutter any crowded surfaces. Set aside decor, books, the cat — everything that’s blocking your progress. (Is the clutter positively overwhelming? Take a step back and do a proper declutter before cleaning.) Beyond that, pick up and toss any trash, pick up anything on the floor that doesn’t belong and put it away, and put anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom back in its proper room and place. 


Do that laundry. 

Here’s a simple way to streamline your weekly routine: Combine your cleaning duties with doing the wash. Sort your dirty clothes from clean clothes, and get that former category into the laundry basket. Then, strip your bed of dirty linens and put those in the basket too. Then — don’t forget this critical part — take that basket to the washing machine and start the wash.

Get dusting.

Move from high to low when you’re dusting. Start with the overlooked stuff: ceiling fans, the parts where the ceiling meets the walls and corners, door tops, and air vents. Then go with the middle stuff: tabletops, picture frames, the top of your headboard. Finish with baseboards, low vents, and other areas nearer the ground. 


Vacuum after you dust, rather than vice versa, so you can capture the particles that your duster fails to pick up. Besides the floor, vacuum the carpets, and use the small attachment to get focused spots like corners, and the area where the floor meets the wall. Lastly, vacuum your bare mattress with the upholstery attachment; this is a place people often forget to vacuum, but it’s a critical one if you want your bed to feel really pristine. (Also, putting clean sheets over a less-than-clean mattress just isn’t chic.)


Finish the job. 

Empty the trash, put away your cleaning supplies, make the bed with those freshly washed linens, open the window to let in some fresh air, and you’re done. Wait — get into bed with a great book and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Now you’re done.

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