The Best Mattress for Combo Sleepers – Mini Guide!

The Best Mattress for Combo Sleepers – Mini Guide!

May 02, 2023


We’ve all heard of side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers but what about someone who is all three? If that sounds like you, then you might be what we in the biz call a combo sleeper!

And you probably know that choosing a mattress based on your preferred sleeping position helps you get adequate support and stay aligned. But if you flip and flop between them all, what mattress should you choose? We’ve got your back (and your side and your stomach too) with info and recommendations on the best mattress for combination sleepers like you! 

What’s a Combo Sleeper?

It’s night. You’re in bed. You start out sleeping on your stomach, then you roll over onto one side, then turn onto your back before starting the process all over again. You’re not a back sleeper, side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, you’re a combination of all three – you’re a combo sleeper! Finding the best mattress for combo sleepers means accommodating all of those positions.

What mattress firmness level is best for combo sleepers?

Combination sleepers often benefit the most from a mattress with a medium-firm firmness level. Why? This is the best middle point for all your sleeping positions.

Let us elaborate!

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers usually need a firmer mattress to keep their hips and shoulders supported and aligned during the night. Whereas, side sleepers need more cushion (AKA a soft mattress) to keep their shoulders from buckling under them.

So, if you’re a combination sleeper, you need to accommodate all three of those positions and medium-firm is likely the best “happy medium” for all positions. 

Are hybrid mattresses good for combo sleepers?

Yes! What is a hybrid mattress? It’s a two-in-one mattress that gives you both the pressure relief and sink-in comfort of memory foam and the medium-firm foundational support from a spring system. This combination of two popular materials into one mattress design makes hybrids uniquely suited for combo sleepers.

Consider a Mattress with Reduced Motion Transfer

If you're a combo sleeper who shares a bed with a partner, your tossing and turning might shake them awake. Help your partner sleep (and wake up refreshed in the mornings) by finding a mattress that offers reduced motion transfer. What’s motion transfer? It’s the measurement of how much bouncy movement is shared from one part of your mattress to another. Mattresses with individually wrapped coils can help reduce this bouncy feel.

Need a mattress recommendation?

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to shop! If you’re looking for the best value mattress we’ve got you covered. All Allswell mattresses are hybrids so you’ll get support and comfort at an affordable price. Here are two of the best mattresses for combo sleepers:

The Luxe Hybrid Mattress:

Starting at just $337! Couples love our Luxe hybrid mattress because it somehow makes people with different sleeping positions equally happy! Here are some rave reviews:

“Super comfortable! I was surprised with how nice this is. My husband likes a super soft bed and I like a firmer one and we are both happy, which never happens.” – Amsan from Vermont

“My wife and I bought this just about a month ago and it is so comfortable for us both! I like my side a little more tough, and she likes her softer! It’s the perfect mattress for us!” – happy snoozer from Illinois

“One of the only mattresses my fiancé and I both love. I like a softer feel and he loves a firmer feel. This is the perfect combo, couldn’t be happier :)” – sound sleeper from Arizona

No matter what style of sleeper you are, if you and your partner are ready for a new bed, read the Best Mattress for Couples article first.

The Allswell Supreme Hybrid Mattress: 

Starting at only $527! Our most luxurious mattress, the Allswell Supreme Hybrid Mattress manages to be both soft and firm! Read the reviews:

“The Supreme is the perfect firmness and softness all at the same time. I'm a back and side sleeper and my fiance is a side and stomach sleeper and it's so perfect for both of us!” – Laura from Tennessee

“Somehow it’s soft and firm at the same time. Magic? Maybe. Worth every penny? Absolutely.” – Sleepyhead from California

Now that you know what kind of sleeper you are and have some great mattress recommendations, go sleep on it!