Couples Mattress Guide: The 5 Top Things to Look for in a Mattress if You Share a Bed!

Couples Mattress Guide: The 5 Top Things to Look for in a Mattress if You Share a Bed!

January 06, 2023


Need a new mattress for you and your partner? You probably already know that the quality of your mattress can make—or break—your relationship (and your back too). While everyone knows the joys of a comfy bed, not everyone agrees on what makes it comfy! Read on for five factors that make a mattress worth sharing, so you can pick one that works for both of you. 

1. Maximize Your Sleeping Surface

The secret? Edge support! You might not have heard of it before, but it’s crucial to the quality of your sleep! Edge support is, well, what it sounds like. It’s the amount of support—or sturdiness—that the outer perimeter (edge) of a mattress has. When sharing a bed, every inch of sleeping space matters.There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re going to fall off of the bed, or being squished in the middle with your partner because your mattress' edges are saggy. Luckily, all Allswell mattresses have added edge support. Crisis averted!

2. Avoid Shaking and Waking

Another great mattress factor is reduced motion disturbance, which is why all Allswell hybrid mattresses have individually wrapped coils. We love them for couples because they reduce motion disturbance from a partner’s movement in bed. If your partner tosses and turns all night, your sleep doesn’t have to suffer too! Individually wrapped coils mean less motion is transferred from one side of the bed to the other, so you can keep snoozing while your partner is doing the Macarena in their sleep.

3. Keep Your Cool

When sharing a bed, things can get pretty heated (and not in a good way). Having a warm body next to you can trap extra heat beneath the covers, which isn’t always ideal. Cooler temps make it easier to fall (and stay) sleep. Being too hot can prevent you from dozing off.

A mattress with cooling benefits will help you both catch some Zs. In mattresses with cooling technology, special memory foam draws heat away from the body. All Allswell mattresses have cooling benefits, and we designed The Allswell Cool with advanced cooling technology especially for hot sleepers.

4. Firm vs. Soft: Get the Best of Both Worlds

What if you discover they like a soft, fluffy mattress (gasp) but you need firm support—or vice versa? Don’t panic, nobody’s sleeping on the couch. While everyone has their unique preferences, quality mattresses (ahem, hybrid mattress, anyone?) can help bed sharers find a happy medium.

Hybrid mattresses give you the support and durability of innerspring coils with the plush comfort of memory foam—a perfect meet-in-the-middle option for partners sharing a bed who have different sleep needs.

Try opting for a firmer mattress (like The Brick) that offers the excellent support you need, and top it off with a plush mattress topper for that sink-in feeling they love. Don’t know which mattress topper to get? Read the guide.

5. The Right Price!

A number of factors can make mattresses downright expensive. It can be tricky to find the value, durability, and comfort you need—without losing sleep over the price tag.

The best mattress for couples is one that meets both partner’s needs and offers value without breaking the bank. Cue: Allswell mattresses! Our mattresses have all of the features mentioned above, and start at just $379 for a queen.

Now you know what to look for in a great mattress. But wait! Before you click “add to cart,” read our guide to buying a mattress online, and get ready for the best (co)sleep you’ve ever had.




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