Sharing is Caring: What Your Go-To Snuggle Preference Reveals About Your Love Language

Sharing is Caring: What Your Go-To Snuggle Preference Reveals About Your Love Language

February 23, 2023


How we sleep can say a lot about us, and how we share a bed with a partner might reveal even more! See what your favorite sleeping position says about how you give and receive love. If you’re new to sharing a bed with a partner or your bed could use a refresh, make sure to read our blog on the best mattresses for couples too!


The Spoon: Words of Affirmation

Big or little spoon—if you enjoy this sleeping position, “words of affirmation” may be your love language. This means that frequent “I love you’s”, compliments, and words of encouragement make you feel seen and appreciated by your partner.


Your Must-Have Item:

Sleeping on your side can add extra pressure in spots so spooners, you’ll want a more plush sleeping surface. Our copper gel infused 4” Memory Foam Topper  adds that extra cushion without overhauling your bedroom (or your budget). New to mattress toppers? Read our guide to find out if a mattress topper is right for you!


The Cradle: Acts of Service

If this is your preferred way to snuggle up, you might be an “acts of service” lover. For you, actions speak louder than words—and what better way to show your love than to snuggle up all night long? You might also appreciate simple yet thoughtful acts, such as your partner changing the sheets for you or taking out the trash.


Your Must-Have Item:

All that close cradling can make things toasty! Stay comfy on a mattress designed with cooling technology. The Allswell Cool Hybrid Mattress has cooling copper foam and quilted cooling gel fabric that draws excess heat away from your body, so you can stay locked in a comfy embrace (and not wake up drenched in sweat).


The Back Kissers: Giving & Receiving Gifts

You are a giver, not a taker, and you feel most connected when your partner shows their affection with meaningful (but not necessarily pricey) gifts. 

Your Must-Have Item:

“Back kissers” will want to stock up on Allswell candles. They're great mood-setters that double as sweet gifts for your loved one. Surround your partner with the warm glow and intoxicating scent of their favorite candles for a romantic evening in. 


The Tangle: Physical Touch

With this snuggle style, your love language is definitely physical touch. You show and receive love through touch, and you’re happiest when enmeshed with your partner all night long. 

Your Must-Have Item:

Allswell’s Flex Pillow is perfect for tangled up sleepers who sometimes end up in awkward positions. You can customize your level of plush support by removing or adding the CertiPUR-US® Certified memory foam filling until it’s just right.


The Mirror: Quality Time

If you’re a mirror sleeper, you’re all about quality time. Spending regular time together without distractions (No phubbing!) is ideal. Doing activities together or having a heart-to-heart while snuggled up in bed can make you feel more connected. 

Your Must-Have Item:

The keyword is quality, and you value it in both your relationships and your sleep. Allswell mattresses offer edge support, which makes sharing a bed easier since you’ll have a bigger surface area for snuggling or spreading out, without anyone falling off.



Whatever your style, knowing your sleep position and love language is the ticket to feeling comfortable, safe, and supported in your relationship—in and out of bed!


The information provided in this blog article is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for the advice of a medical professional.