The ABCs of Designing a Timeless Kids Room

The ABCs of Designing a Timeless Kids Room

May 08, 2018


Creating kids rooms that grows with them can be quite a challenge. Plan a perfect space with these ABCs. 

From the bed frame and the wall color to the pillows and décor, there are endless ways to personalize your kids space to match your style and their personalities. However, just like they swiftly grow out of their newborn onesies, kids can outgrow their favorite colors or characters in the blink of an eye. With this in mind, it’s important to stop and think about long-term design goals before spending big bucks. 

Whether you’re a first-time parent or already have kiddos running around the house, follow these ABCs as the basis of your design plans that can adapt with the times:

father and young daughter smiling in bedroom

A – Accessorize for Personality

Unique pieces for the shelves and walls of your child’s room will allow your — and their — personality to shine through. From school artwork to beloved plush toys, help your little one showcase his or her personality. Since tastes and interests change over time, especially in children, it’s easier and more budget-friendly to swap out smaller pieces than large base items such as headboards and dressers. If you have two kids sharing a room, be sure to provide equal space for each to represent their unique interests.

family playing on bed

B – Buy Multifunctional Furniture

A child’s bedroom is often used for much more than bedtime. From working on homework to stretching the imagination during playtime, kids spend countless hours growing up in their personal space. As a result, it’s important to invest in multifunctional pieces such as a desk with plenty of storage space. Once they’ve outgrown a crib, go ahead and find a bed that can withstand the test of time and complement it with a durable mattress for your child to slumber peacefully every night.

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C – Choose Neutral Design Elements

From wall color and bedding to bed frames and baskets, build a strong neutral base on which to add pops of personality. Showcase the power of a timeless color palette while also saving money as your child’s preferences change. Once you have a firm foundation, start accessorizing with fun items such as chalkboards and chests, which can be used by kids of all ages. While the room design may change over the years, it can always be a safe place for them to learn and grow into the best version of themselves!