Elevate Your Guest Room: Simple Tips for Winning at the Hosting Game This Holiday (& Beyond)

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November 21, 2019


Holidays are coming, and that usually means company’s coming. This can be stressful (especially when people bring plus-ones you’ve never met before and didn’t technically invite… but that’s another story). In any case, don’t worry — we’ve got your back. We recently did a piece on the basics (and a little beyond) that you need to cover in order to be a good host for house guests. Once those are covered, here are some extra hosting tips that’ll make your guest room not just well-appointed and comfortable, but downright chic.


Add personal, comforting touches. First, a great mattress and snuggle-worthy sheets are essential to the guest bedroom, and fluffy towels are essentials in the guest bath. But go beyond those basics by draping a cozy blanket on the edge of the bed, and having a plush robe and slippers in the guest bathroom. Finish the experience with a scented reed diffuser and a personalized bath kit with great little soaps, lotions, and even some bath salts or luxe shower gel. All of a sudden your guest suite will be downright spa-worthy.

Toss in a throw. Besides a warm blanket on the bed, drape a throw on the back of the desk chair or side chair in the guest bedroom. It’ll serve both as chic decor and a little extra warmth to wrap up in when your guest is up and about.


Get the refreshments set. No, you don’t have to replicate a Vegas buffet in the guest bedroom … but you do need to focus on a few things. The most important is coffee: Have a simple-to-use espresso or coffee pod machine at the ready, so your guest can get their fill of joe first thing in the morning. Have a little basket of munchies at the ready — this can be everything from your guests’ favorite candy or chocolate treats, or for a more personal touch, bring them some milk and (preferably fresh-baked) cookies at the end of the day as a midnight snack. Just as importantly, don’t forget the water. A pitcher of H2O and a small bucket filled with ice are minimums; optional — and recommended — is infusing the water with fruit like lemons, limes, strawberries, grapefruit, or a combination, for a true spa feel.


“What’s the wifi password?” You don’t want a guest having to ask that. Write a handwritten note with the password on it, as well as any other useful info your guest can refer back to easily (like how to connect to that aforementioned wifi on a laptop!) 


Keep them entertained. Start with books (from photography page-turners to poetry), magazines, and solitaire card games. For an extra cool touch, share your digital playlist and favorite podcasts. If you have a TV in the room, leave clear instructions for how to use it (it’s not as intuitive to an infrequent guest as it would be to a daily watcher) on your aforementioned useful-info list.

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