Finding (my) Allswell

Finding (my) Allswell

March 01, 2018


True story: my sister-in-law named Allswell. We were sitting at a friend’s pool on a hot August day and I asked her – a master of vocabulary and a professional writer – to name the feeling you have before you lay your head down for a good night’s sleep. “You know,” I said, “The way you feel on those nights when you checked everything off your list and you just feel like all is well in the world.” Her reply was so elegant yet so obvious: Allswell. And here we are.

Since that day, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to find that Allswell feeling on the many, many days where I haven’t crossed everything off my seemingly never-ending list. And what I’ve come to appreciate is that Allswell is a lot bigger than the perfect moments. Allswell is not only the feeling of inner calm and joy experienced during the moments when the stars align but it is also the feeling of grounded perspective and gratitude experienced during life’s tougher moments. It is a noun (I need some Allswell in my life), an adjective (those Allswell moments), a verb (How do you Allswell?). And most importantly, it’s a philosophy. One that, when practiced consistently, will lead to life well lived.

Where better to embrace this approach than in your own home…where your days begin and end. I, for one, make my bed each and every day as a twice daily reminder that Allswell…even if the dishes are still in the sink.

So, I hope you don’t mind if I add just one more item to your to do list, but this one I think you’ll like: let us help you find your Allswell.

Please Enjoy.


Allswell Moment: Costume and a Snack. What's Better Than That?


Allswell Moment: The whole family happily gathered at our annual family reunion


Allswell Moment: A group of happy campers after a long and fun day of skiing


Allswell Moment: My friend Evana and I after having our wallets and cell phones stolen while biking in Argentina. (The thieves let us keep the wine)