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This post was written by Taylor Sterling, founder and creative director of Glitter Guide. It first appeared on her site.

Let me start off by saying my bedroom has been a huge challenge for me to decorate. It’s been a work in progress for more than four years. Living in a rental means I face challenges with things like ugly beige carpet and peach and brown paint colors. Thankfully, it’s finally starting to come together! The very first thing on my list to tackle was our bed, and I teamed with Allswell on finally getting the Supreme Queen mattress we’ve always wanted.

glitter guide bohemian bedroom

My husband and I have wanted a larger mattress for years, but since we didn’t know what style bedroom we wanted, we held off. Having two small children and a dog that often want bedtime cuddles, it was time for a bigger and more comfortable bed.

There are so many things I love about Allswell. First off, it’s for women by women. That’s something we’re hugely about here at Glitter Guide. Second, it’s a design-centric digital company that makes shopping for a mattress easy and quick! I was nervous about shopping for a mattress online, but thankfully its Classic Luxe mattress is so comfortable. Both my husband and I were very happy with it, and in the past, we’ve struggled to like the same firmness. The Classic Luxe mattress has 12 inches of luxurious memory foam—it’s like sleeping on a cloud.

When it comes to design, Allswell also offers bedding on its site for a one-stop-shop experience. The company works with stylish interior designers to help curate different looks for you to be inspired by. Even the packaging is feminine and pink. Another huge plus was the company takes your old mattress away so you don’t have to deal with that hassle. It’s been such a fabulous experience.

Like I mentioned, this room has been an ongoing challenge. Thankfully, the mattress was not one of them.

  glitter guide bohemian bedroom

When it came to a bed frame and headboard, I knew I wanted to make a statement. This room has super tall ceilings that can make hanging regular-sized art around the bed look strange. Having a stylish headboard solves that issue. I fell in love with this one from Anthropologie that reminded me of the Hotel Pananche in Paris.

glitter guide bohemian bedroom

Pink Coverlet from Allswell

The idea for the design and style for this room is a mix of art deco from the ’80s (like with the Anthropologie nightstands) and cb2 lamps (coming soon) with a little bohemian flair. We currently have a beautiful rug that we’ve had for years from Anthropologie in the room, but we’re looking for that perfect rug to complement the space. I’m thinking something like this or this could be cool.

 glitter guide bohemian bedroom

The biggest thing I wish I could change are the wall colors. I’m a fan of white walls, since so much of the art and décor I gravitate toward look best with white. Our landlord has said we can paint them but we would have to paint them back after, which would cost us a lot of money and time. So for now, I’m trying to make this room work with two-toned peachy-beige and taupe brown walls. Tell me, have you had this issue in your rental home? What did you do?

glitter guide bohemian bedroom

Stay tuned as I share more of the bedroom makeover progress with you. I’m still hunting for the rug, artwork, extra storage and décor for styling. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas and suggestions. You can follow me on Pinterest to see what inspiration I’m loving for all the rooms in my home.

Photography by Emily Scott

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