Global Décor Inspiration to Take Your Travels "Home"

Global Décor Inspiration to Take Your Travels

March 01, 2018


No passport? No problem. Our Globally Inspired Bedscape, designed by Genevieve Gorder, ties in international cues to create a fun, modern, and laid back bedroom. Here are our tips for bringing some cultural flair into your home.

Do you get “the feels” when you scroll through vacation photos? Luckily, this wave of wanderlust need not be temporary. When you draw inspiration from your travels and mesh it into your décor, you’ll be surrounded by warm memories of your experiences. Still working on those frequent flyer miles? There’s nothing wrong with faking it ‘til you make it! Get inspired by other people’s homes or take design elements from the next place on your bucket list.

Below are four of our tips for incorporating global design into your space.  

Add 1 or 2 Ornate or Vibrantly Colorful Pieces to a Room

Now, you can go full-blown bohemian and decorate your space with multiple statement pieces. But really, it only takes a colorful piece or two to liven up your room. Because of their vibrant colors and intricate designs, Moroccan elements are standard for world-inspired décor. Another benchmark is bold-hued oriental rugs. They can be an eye-catching contrast, especially against a neutral color palette.

The Cotton Rectangular Printed Pillow from our Globally Inspired Bedscape (pictured above) pairs indigo hues with intricate fringe detail, making the pillow a focal point in any room.

Have Fun with Textiles with Unique Patterns or Dyes

When it comes to achieving a culturally eclectic look, layering patterns upon patterns is the way to go. Pattern play can come from a variety of sources: rugs, wall prints, throws, etc. Our Cotton Textured Pillow (pictured below) can be a good starting point thanks to its vibrant pop of color, texture and bold style.

Suzanis, which originate from Central Asia, offer distinctive design patterns that give your home a worldly feel. Bohemian décor and suzanis go together like wine and cheese, so be sure to fill your cart with these embroidered textiles if that’s the vibe you’re going for.


Use Accents Such as Time-Worn Accessories

Chances are you didn’t come home empty-handed after a vacation — or at least we hope you didn’t. You probably stopped by a cute street market and picked up a few knick-knacks that caught your eye. Give these accessories the spotlight on your shelves or tables to amp up the global aesthetic in your humble abode. Traditional items such as Chinese tapestries, African pottery bowls and French antiques give your home a cultural accent that’s hard to miss, especially within a modern American décor.

Only travel vicariously through Instagram? Don’t let FOMO bring you down. Get decorating inspiration from your feed, then browse online stores such as Etsy or eBay. You can also find hidden gems at your local flea market or antique shop.

Mix Opposing Styles

Let’s say you like Italian and Chinese interior designs. Do you focus on incorporating one style into your home? Who says you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds?

Whether it’s Spanish and Greek, Turkish and Scandinavian or all of the above, mixing opposing styles together can result in a beautifully diverse décor that shows off everywhere you’ve been — or want to go. In our article about textures, we drive home balance and moderation. It’s not a bad idea to keep these things in mind as you decorate your space with multiple styles at your disposal. To keep the room balanced, consider the 80/20 rule: Decorate 80% of your room in one style, while the other 20% can comprise the rest of your styles.

Ready to board? Check out our Globally Inspired Bedscape to make your bedroom a retreat. Staycation found.