Going, Going Glam: Glam’s Evolution from Opulent Glitz to Modern Romantic

Going, Going Glam: Glam’s Evolution from Opulent Glitz to Modern Romantic

March 01, 2018


From the ornate décor style of 17th century Europe to the “glamping” campers of today — one thing has remained constant: we love glam. #TreatYoSelf

Glam home decor has evolved quite a bit over the decades. The romantic style of modern glam is seemingly a departure from Old World Glam, but each iteration landed us where we are today: sophisticated, elegant, and comfortable.

Our Modern Glam Bedscape designed by Rachel Parcell (@rachparcell) puts a modern spin on glamour and romance, designed to give your bedroom a sense of calm and polish.

Let’s take a look at glam décor through the years to see how glam worked its way into our modern day bedrooms:

Old World Glam

This type of décor originated in Europe, especially during the Baroque period and later in the Victorian era. With its intricate architecture and heavy use of gold, Old World glamour exudes opulence and refinement. This décor is also known for its use of ornate chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling drapes and dark woods.

Modern Glam Nod: Your bedroom should be a space of peace and relaxation, and nothing is more of a buzzkill than harsh lighting. Consider a statement light fixture and a swap of your old bulbs in favor of soft white lights. If a warm, romantic ambiance is what you’re aiming for, candles are your answer to set the mood.


Hollywood Glam

Lights, camera, action! As the name suggests, this style become popular in Tinseltown circa the 1930s, or “Golden Age of Hollywood.” Leading actresses such as Joan Crawford would light up the silver screen with their dramatic, grandiose performances. To match this grandeur, producers had the film sets designed to heavily embody glitz and glamour.

With Hollywood glam décor, you can expect lots of gold, silver and sequin accents throughout a room. Rich textures and detailed patterns are key characteristics, as well as low-lying furniture.

Modern Glam Nod: A mountain of soft pillows gives your bedroom a luxe, sumptuous look inspired by Hollywood Glam. The geometric and textured pattern of our feminine Woven Geometric Pillow (pictured above) provides the perfect balance of strength and restraint.

Contemporary Glam

While the older forms of glam focus more on texture, patterns and intricacy, contemporary glam is all about minimalism.  This décor is about keeping things simple, like with your current love interest. It strips away unnecessary details while maintaining elegance and functionality. In other words, clutter is the enemy. The neutral color palette and metallic accents keep the design sleek and polished, but a touch of certain colors such as pink and teal can add a bit more oomph.

Modern Glam Nod: Modern glam heavily emphasizes neutrals. But, if you need a little vibrancy in your décor, a touch of soft pink can spruce up the room. Accent your bedding with a subtle neutral piece like the Woven Throw (pictured above). The muted mint green of this brushed woven throw, outfitted with playful tassels, offers a beautiful contrast to give your bedroom a sense of calm and polish.

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