Good Sleep for All, Indeed: Allswell’s at Walmart!

December 06, 2019


Since day one, our biggest goal has been to provide great sleep for all. Offering an incredible sleep experience to as many people as possible — at an incredibly reasonable price — is what gets us up in the morning.


Given that, you can imagine how excited we are to say this: We’re now offering The Allswell at Walmart stores! (Cue champagne bottle pop.) This is a big deal for us and, more importantly, for so many people whose sleep is about to get a major upgrade.


allswell at walmart

Our original mattress, The Allswell, is widely adored for offering a truly premium sleep experience at an incredible value (over 1,000 customer reviews averaging 4.7 stars prove that!). Until now, we’ve only sold it on our site with the goal of keeping costs as low as possible so that we can pass all the savings to you.


Allswell and Walmart 

Luckily, in teaming up with Walmart, we’re able to bring even more products to more people at even better values. Through Walmart’s reach, we’re able to introduce our brand and great quality mattresses to the millions of Walmart shoppers.


We also worked hard to make sure the purchasing process is as simple as it is online. Long gone are the days of strapping your new mattress to the roof of your car! The mattress box has wheels, so no extended powerlifting is required ... plus, it’ll fit in most trunks (unless you have an exotic Italian sports car, in which case, we want a ride).


With Walmart, we’ve taken a major step toward ensuring that good sleep is for way more than just the privileged few.


Don’t just take our word for it! Our friends from POPSUGAR put unsuspecting Walmart customers to the ultimate comfort test. Watch to see if shoppers can tell the difference between our $300 Allswell mattress and a $3,000 mattress.