Host With the Most: Ultimate Hacks to Create a Guest Bedroom Oasis

Host With the Most: Ultimate Hacks to Create a Guest Bedroom Oasis

September 14, 2022


Whether you've got holiday visitors on their way or spring breakers ready to camp out for the week, hosting guests can be as fun as it is stressful. A comfy, inviting environment can go along way in helping to keep your visitors happy and your home peaceful. Make your guest room the best room with this list of 8 ultimate hacks and handy essentials.

guest bedroom with a comfy bed

1. A Dreamy Bed

When preparing your guest room, you want overnight guests to sleep well, which means a quality mattress. Luckily, Allswell’s hybrid mattresses give you affordable luxury, with queens starting at just $449!

Next, you’ll want to get a sturdy bed frame that’s stylish to boot. Be sure to consider who your guests are. For example, platform beds look great in a modern space, but can be too low for older guests or those with limited mobility (AKA not the best option for older grandparents). If your guests are children, you’ll want something easy to get into and not too tall (hello, fall risk) or with sharp edges.

Psst... A Quick Mattress Hack!

Already have a mattress? There's an easy way to give it a spruce! A mattress topper is a great, affordable way to upgrade your current guest bed mattress. They add comfort and cooling benefits. Our queen-sized toppers start at just $98 and keep sleepers cool while providing comfort and pressure relief.

2. Luxurious, Layered Bedding

Nothing makes a guest room look more polished then layered bedding! Make it an oasis with layers of luxurious bedding, starting with buttery soft sheets. Percale or sateen—you've got options!

Layer on a plush duvet, fluffy pillows (or a mix of firm and soft, for different types of sleepers), and top with a plush throw blanket. Add a couple of decorative pillows to suit your style and polish the look.

3. Full-Length Mirror

It may be easy to overlook (pun intended) but a full-length mirror is a great thing to put in your guest room. This is another one of those best-kept hosting secrets, and isn't necessarily something you'd consider. But try staying in a room without one, and you'll wish you had one!

guest bathroom with fluffy towels

4. Fresh & Fluffy Towels

When stocking a guest bathroom, remember that fresh towels are essential. Not just practical, they can also add a spa-like feel and show your guests you value their comfort. Stack folded or rolled guest towels (rolling towels makes storage easy and looks neat) on a table in the bedroom or place a basket just for guests in the bathroom. Add a 5-star hotel feel with 100% organic cotton towels and a cozy bathrobe!

5. Laundry Basket

A laundry basket just for guests is a best-kept secret among expert hosts. It keeps things neat while making your guests feel at home. And you can avoid the awkward "Where should I put my dirty towels?" exchange.

6. Candles for Ambiance

Indulgent? Maybe. But your guests are worth it—at least they hope you think so! A premium candle adds ambiance and gives your guests a signature scent to remember you by (scent marketing, it’s a thing). But don't worry, our coconut wax blend candles start at just $12, so you can give your guests the luxe treatment without making your wallet unhappy.

7. Waste Basket

A waste basket is an absolute essential for any guest room—you don’t want guests to have to leave the room every time they use a tissue (they should have their own box of tissues, too). It also makes cleaning up after their stay a breeze.

8. Personal Touches & Decor

Show off your decorating skills! Consider adding interesting, locally-made art, textured elements with pillows, throw blankets, and other fabrics, or maybe a few fun magazines or coffee-table books to create a unique and memorable experience. Your friends and family will appreciate your design style, thoughtfulness, and, if nothing else, you’ll have something to talk about over dinner.


No matter who you’re hosting, or how hectic things get at your house, you can provide a perfectly welcoming experience for guests with these helpful hacks. They might not even want to leave!