Host Game Strong: How to Get Set for Guests This Holiday & Beyond

Host Game Strong: How to Get Set for Guests This Holiday & Beyond

November 04, 2019


The holidays are on the way, which means people will be showing up … and a number of them will have luggage. Here’s how to get effortlessly and stylishly set for guests — both expected and not — and officially win at the host game.

Make it easy to get to you.

No, that doesn’t mean to clear the driveway. (Though it could?) Reach out to your guests to offer help with directions (car navigation is an incredible thing but nothing beats traffic tips from a local). If you live in the city, give them tips on the best transit option (i.e., driving vs train).

Offer a warm welcome.

Take your guests’ coat and luggage as soon as they come in, offer them a refreshing beverage and let them know where the restroom is to freshen up. And if you live in an apartment building, greet your guests downstairs instead of making them buzz up. These are very little things but they make someone feel right at home, right away. \

Give guests the lay of the land.

GIve a house tour and explain any of your home’s quirks. Let guests know where to find essentials like extra toiletries, as well as where the snack drawer is (while close family members will have no problem raiding the fridge, others might feel shy to grab the Chips Ahoy without prior permission).

Share the itinerary — and allow for downtime.

Let guests know what you’ve planned day by day, but don’t schedule everything to the hilt. Allow for some downtime every day for guests to relax and have some alone time. Lastly, even if you’ve done so before, as guests if there’s wanted to do or see while in town. No one wants to feel like they’re being forced into a schedule.



Get the guest room set.

The bed is the most important part here. Your guests deserve nothing less than a comfy mattress and cozy bedding — not castoffs from two generations ago. Besides that, here’s a little checklist:

— Fan

— Tissues

— Water pitcher

Cozy slippers

— Extra bath linens 

— Extra pillows

— A blanket or throw

— Scented diffusers (but first ask if someone is allergic)

— Wastebasket

— Clock

— Roomy closet or storage space with ample hangers and door hooks

— Iron

— Mirror (preferably full-length)

— Hairdryer

— Well-functioning electronics and remotes, plus the Wifi password

— Lastly, prepare a little amenity kit with soap, shampoo, earplugs, sanitizing wipes and other personal care products. (A store-bought one is fine too, but swap the likely-unattractive plastic package for a decorative, eco-friendly cloth bag.)


Achieve your #sleepgoals.

Choose which mattress works best in your oasis.