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Selecting a mattress is a big deal. You spend a third of your life (or hopefully close) in bed. But even though it’s an important choice for your quality of life, it doesn’t need to be a task that keeps you up at night. Just follow these 4 simple steps to sleep success.

1)    Pick a size. Go with the biggest size that’ll fit in your bedroom, while still allowing you to comfortably move around with furniture in there. Too often, people start too small, especially if they’re single — only having to reinvest in a bigger bed or bed frame, box spring, and headboard just a few years later. If you’re single and can comfortably fit a queen in your bedroom, get one. If you’re between sizes, it’s better to go bigger and buy once. That said … don’t cave into the pressure of needing to have a big bed. If everyone you know has and recommends a queen, but that’s way too big for your space, don’t get it just because it seems most “grown-up.” However, if you’ve got someone else (or pets) in the bed, a queen is generally the smallest you should get in order to keep your co-existence optimally happy. Check out our mattress size guide to help determine your best sized mattress.

2)    Find the right mix of materials. Practically everyone has slept on a traditional mattress with coils and springs. And in recent years, memory foam mattresses have become popular as an alternative to traditional mattresses. But you might not know that you don’t have to choose between the two. Hybrid mattress technology combines the best of both worlds — coils and memory foam — which we think combines for the perfect sleep experience. (Our reviews back it up!)

how to choose a mattress

3)    Decide on a firmness level (or don’t, in this case). Allswell’s mattresses all have a medium-firm feel, based on the Allswell Unscientific Firmness Scale.* And all have plush toppers, too. So you don’t have to rack your brain regarding the firm-vs-soft conundrum.

mattress firmness scale

4)    Don’t commit to a company that won’t commit to you. Yes, it’s like dating. The commitment has to go too ways. No matter how inexpensive a mattress is, a prohibitive or shady refund policy is not an option you should ever consider. All of Allswell’s mattresses come with a 100-night risk-free trial.** Don’t like it? You don’t have to keep it. No questions asked. We know buying a mattress is a personal choice. (Of course, we do happen to think there’s a very good chance you’ll love it...)

Hope this helped sort things out a little. Once you do the picking, here’s to happy sleeping.

Achieve your #sleepgoals.

Choose which mattress works best in your oasis.




*Firmness scale was created by Allswell based on the subjective opinions of Allswell and its subjective team of 20 sleepers.

**Applies to mattress purchase price only. White glove delivery, mattress removal and recycling fees are nonrefundable. Return must be initiated within 100 days of mattress delivery. Not available for mattresses which would not qualify for coverage under our 10-year limited warranty available at

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