How to Organize Your Bedroom

How to Organize Your Bedroom

September 13, 2019


Even if you’ve got an incredibly plush mattress, the most chic bedding imaginable, and inspired furnishings and decor, your master suite won’t be truly luxe unless it’s organized. To that end: here are some tips that’ll help ensure your bedroom is as organized as it is stylish. Follow them on the regular, and before you know it, you’ll see a transformation from frenetic space to restful oasis. 

Evaluate everything.

Do a quick assessment of your room. Ensure that everything you see has a purpose for being there. Sort all non-essential items in your room according to four categories: donate, trash, relocate, and keep. Designate a home for every “keep” item (don’t forget to keep like with like), put all the trash items in a garbage bag and remove them from the room, put the relocate items in a laundry bin to put away later, and pack donation items in a bag and put them somewhere (preferably near the front door!) so you don’t forget to donate them. 

Maximize your space.

Got furniture that’s rarely used and just taking up space? Donate it. Then continue to make the most of the space you have by rethinking your storage solutions. If you’re not storing things under your bed, it’s time to start: buy some simple under-bed storage bins and fill them with seasonal items (just make sure the clutter is concealed with a nice bedskirt). Also consider swapping a bulky bedside table for a tiered cart with plenty of storage — or if you keep your existing nightstand, put a generously sized basket under it as a catch-all for the clutter that usually overtakes the top (just make sure to routinely clean out that basket).  

Besides these major solutions, there are plenty of other simple ways to upgrade your storage game. Store hats on wall hooks (they’ll do double duty as decor), try hanging jewelry organizers, roll clothes in a dresser instead of folding them, and hang up your pants to free up drawer space. Finally, use bins and baskets in closets, as well as small boxes in drawers, to give everything a home within larger storage spaces. Containerizing is always a good thing.

Keep a trash can at hand. 

You can’t have too many trash cans, as they encourage you to declutter on the regular. How many times have you had a piece of paper to throw out, but just set it aside because you weren’t near a trash can? Having a can by the desk is especially smart, as it’ll help you keep one of the most oft-cluttered areas looking less frenetic.  

Have a designated “messy zone.”

If you’re still left with a bit of a questionable pile after completing the above steps, don’t stress: Put it in a designated “dump bin” that you can stash away in your closet. Everyone needs one place where you store stuff you just haven’t yet gotten around to sorting or assessing. Store it in your closet so it’s out of sight, but promise yourself you won’t forget about it. (Also, it shouldn’t be as big as an industrial dumpster.) 

Repeat regularly. 

Make these steps part of your weekly routine at the least. Like with many other things in life, consistency is key when it comes to organization. Once you make it a regular thing, it’ll get easier and easier — and before you know it, you’ll be seeing a subtle transformation. 

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