How to Work From Home (And Actually Get Work Done)

working from home tips - woman working in bed

June 19, 2018


Working from home: what an amazing concept. No dress code, no awkward small talk, and no traffic.

When you conduct business from the comfort of your mattress, all you have to do is wake up and get straight to work… until the cable guy comes over, your mom calls, a notification lights up your screen and any other distraction you can think of pops up.

Whether you’re telecommuting full-time or indulging in your work-from-home policy for the day, here are a few tips on how to actually get stuff done.

Set Up a Schedule

Yes, routines can be dull, but an organized agenda makes working from home feel more seamless and productive.  It also helps set a clear beginning and end to your shift, allowing you to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Find a schedule that works best for you. If you’re a morning person, start early and end your day mid-afternoon, and make sure to give yourself a proper break for lunch. If you’re a night owl, begin around lunchtime and work into the evening.

pajamas on bed

Dress For Success

Sure, it might feel great to stay in your favorite PJs when you first wake up, but when you head to your computer, it’s time to hang them up. This is because your brain associates pajamas with relaxation and downtime, which can make it much harder for you to transition into work mode. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to don high heels and a pantsuit to be productive – unless that’s comfy for you. Try to find a middle ground: a casual outfit that is comfortable and helps get you in the zone.

Find a Portable Workstation

If you want to stay as organized and comfortable as possible during your in-bed work hours, consider a portable laptop desk.There are a host of options out there, but we recommend scoping out one that is stylish, durable, and complementary to your bedding. Can you use it for breakfast in bed on your off days? Of course, girl.

Women working from home

Go Outside During Breaks

The best way to refresh and recharge after a productive work session is to revel in the great outdoors. From stress reduction to increased brain function, the health benefits of going outside are tremendous. Go ahead: Take a quick walk, soak up the vitamin D, and then get back to slaying those spreadsheets from the comfort of your sheets.

Curate a “Get Stuff Done” Playlist

Studies have shown that listening to music while working can increase productivity and creativity. According to researchers, ambient music is best, but run with whatever leaves you inspired. If Queen Bey helps you get your projects in Formation, we fully support it.