The Scoop on Hybrid Mattresses (And What Makes Ours So Good)

The Scoop on Hybrid Mattresses (And What Makes Ours So Good)

October 31, 2018


At Allswell we’ve developed our mattresses from the inside out — and we’ve worked hard on the hybrid technology that lies at the core of all our mattresses. Our hybrid mattresses expertly blend excellent comfort and comforting support, and here’s how.

Hybrid technology combines layers of plush memory foam with traditional spring coils for a true “best of both worlds” situation. This eliminates the stress of having to decide between all-spring and all-memory-foam mattresses.

hybrid mattress with hand pressing down

Instead, hybrid mattresses feature the benefits of both, all together in a package that will seriously satisfy sleepers. The memory foam offers the comfort and support that makes this material popular. Additionally, the coils allow the mattress to retain the classic feel of an innerspring mattress (so that you don’t feel like you’re sinking, as you might on some all-foam mattresses).

Despite these benefits, not all hybrid mattresses are created equal. At Allswell, we aren’t just hybrid dabblers. We’re the hybrid specialists. It’s all we’ve done since we’ve launched and in a short time, we’ve already proven we’re pretty awesome at it.

allswell logo imprinted on hybrid mattress

Quite simply, our thing is making hybrid mattresses at amazing prices, as we’ve proven with The Allswell Luxe Hybrid, which has become both an industry darling and a customer fave.

And we’re raising that bar even higher with the Allswell, our newest mattress. At $345 for a queen, it’s an industry game-changer: hybrid technology and luxurious features (like added edge support and a generous 10-inch depth) — all at a seriously disruptive price.

Ready to experience our hybrid technology for yourself, or just learn more?