Let’s Do Some Good: Celebrating Our 1st Birthday with “Random Acts of Allswell”

17 Random Acts of Allswell Ideas

March 22, 2019


It’s Allswell’s first birthday this month, and we’re in a seriously celebratory mood. But as proud as we are of what we’ve achieved in just a year, our overwhelming emotion is one of gratitude to you – the customers, fans, followers, and supporters who have helped us make strides toward fulfilling the mission that has fueled us since day one: to make great sleep accessible to all.

In that spirit, we put together a list of easy ways you can pass on good vibes to people around you in your daily life: both loved ones and total strangers. We call them Random Acts of Allswell. We invite you to try whichever inspire you, and we look forward to continuing to spread Allswell together — in our second year and well beyond.

Random Acts of Allswell

Spread Allswell: 17 Random Acts of Kindness

  • Make one simple effort to reconnect with one person. Call or text that person you’ve been meaning to say hi to and haven’t done so in a year or more.


  • Donate your unused blankets and towels to an animal shelter.  


  • Write a LinkedIn recommendation for a former or present coworker you admire.


  • Leave a bigger-than-usual tip for good service at a restaurant -- with a little note saying thanks.


  • Do a supermarket run for an elderly or homebound neighbor. (Or just a friend who’s down with a bad cold.)


  • Bring fresh-baked cookies to your local firehouse.


  • Pay it forward (actually, backward) by buying a cup of joe for the person behind you on line at your local coffee shop.


  • Pay the toll for the driver behind you.


  • Write a great online review for a restaurant, store, service, or product (ahem, Allswell mattress?) you love. A lot of times we rush to a negative review out of frustration, but put off the good ones (which can be especially game-changing for small local businesses).


  • On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, make an effort to reach out to friends and loved ones who have lost a parent.


  • Keep an extra umbrella at work so you can lend it to someone when it rains.


  • Know those blank note cards you see filling the shelves at card stores? Pick one and send a card to someone you care about, telling them why they’re so awesome.


  • Got coupons you’re not using? Bring them to work.


  • Give a friend a book you think might inspire them.


  • Got a gift you didn’t love? Donate it to a local shelter or charitable thrift shop.


  • See someone looking a little down? Smile at them.


  • See a group of tourists having a good time? Offer to take their photo. (Because they’ll probably be asking you anyway...)