Majoring in Comfort: Tell Us Your Major, We'll Find Your Perfect Mattress

Majoring in Comfort: Tell Us Your Major, We'll Find Your Perfect Mattress

July 12, 2023


Back to campus time! While the question ”what's your major?” might start feeling stale quick, it actually says a lot about you. It tells people what you're interested in, how much time you’ll devote to studying, and maybe even what your career looks like (or maybe not).

No matter what your college major is, quality sleep (when you can get it) is a priority. This very non-scientific, just-for-fun deep dive on majors and mattresses will help school you on which mattress matches up with your needs. Find your major below and the mattress of your dreams!


Business Majors → The Allswell Hybrid Mattress

You're all about the numbers, which is why the five-time award-winning Allswell Hybrid Mattress just makes sense. Our best-selling mattress, the Allswell has a medium-firm feel, memory foam and individually wrapped coil foundation, and offers the best value when you crunch the numbers. Plus, it was recently awarded GQ's Best Budget Mattress. How about that for social proof!


History Majors → The Brick Hybrid Mattress

The only match for your memory is the memory foam that gives this mattress its signature firm support. You're all about the facts and this mattress doesn’t have room for squishy theories, only solid evidence. Strong opinions about footnotes and endnotes? This mattress is here to back you up! You'll appreciate the support of its high-density memory foam plus individually wrapped coil foundation and firmer top layer to keep you aligned after long nights (and some early mornings!) hunched over books in the library.


English Majors → The Luxe Hybrid Mattress

You love to read—and if you don’t, is this the right major for you? This means you're going to need a comfortable yet supportive place to curl up with all your books. Just like the classics, the Luxe Hybrid Mattress will be your go-to comfort zone. It offers plush, medium-firm comfort that comes from plush memory foam, individually wrapped coils, and copper gel infused memory foam that makes reading in bed (for school, work, and pleasure) ultra luxurious.


Environmental Sciences Majors → The Organic Hybrid Mattress

You know that materials matter which is why our certified Organic Hybrid Mattress is the only choice for you. From its certified organic cotton cover to organic wool and latex interior (and even the 98% recycled steel coils inside!), this mattress is thinking about the planet almost as much as you are. Add in the practical side handles that make moving it a dream and you've got a perfect mattress match for you!



Fine Arts  Majors → The Supreme Hybrid Mattress

After long hours in the studio, you'll be happy to sink into the plush and comfy Supreme Hybrid Mattress. Our most luxurious mattress, the Supreme feels like you're sleeping on a cloud (or at a luxury, 5-star resort, you choose). A match to your creative whims, this mattress supports all kinds of sleeping positions so tossing and turning while you vividly dream up your next project will be the comfiest it’s ever been.


Now that you know the best mattress for you, you're ready for the future (and a nap).