A Letter From Allswell’s President Introducing Our Disruptively-Priced Mattress, the Allswell

the allswell introduction featured image

October 17, 2018


At Allswell, we believe in the power of a good night’s sleep for all. It’s been our guiding principle since we launched.

Democratizing good sleep is our reason for being. And we’ve proven this with products that feature innovative technology and unbelievable comfort and support — without deflating your wallet.

Since our launch, it’s been my personal mission — as well as that of everyone on the Allswell team — to continually improve our products and processes, with the goal of offering real quality and real ease at an unreal price.

Now, with the introduction of our newest mattress, simply called The Allswell, we’ve taken our biggest step yet to fulfill that mission.  They told us it couldn't be done. That's what fueled us to do it.

allswell mattress and allswell mattress box

Designed to make good sleep accessible to all, The Allswell features hybrid mattress technology, combining the best of both worlds -- memory foam and individually wrapped coils — for a winning blend of comfort and support.

OK, back to the price. Our goal was to get to an affordable price point possible without sacrificing quality or luxury, and we’re beyond excited about the result: The Allswell Queen costs $345. (Not a typo.)

closeup on allswell mattress on frame

Aggressive pricing like this is not always the most popular way for businesses to go. Some have told us it’s a business risk, as we could make more profit if we charge more in the short term. But our end game is customer loyalty and trust, and we know it’s critical for you to get a really great value.

Plus: considering our brand’s main goal is to bring good sleep to everyone, it would only make sense we’d charge less and serve more customers, rather than charging more and serving few. Practicing our values 24/7 helps us sleep better at night. Now it’s your turn to get snoozing: Learn more about The Allswell here.

Lastly, let’s stay in touch! We’re here to make sure your Allswell experience is exceptional, and that we offer amazing product and service every day (and night). So feel free to email our Allstars anytime at allstars@allswellhome.com.

Happy snoozing,


Arlyn Davich
President, Allswell