24-Hour Chic

24-Hour Chic

April 30, 2018


The sleepy-time styles making their way to your day.

“Spending all day in my pajamas” is often cited as one of the main perks of working from home. And we get it. Who doesn’t want to hold on to that Allswell feeling of yummy comfort for as long as possible during waking hours? The great news is that now you can. Without staying in the house.

Fashion is having a boudoir-chic moment, celebrating sleepytime favorites as daywear. Ready-to-wear interpretations of pajamas, robes, nighties and slippers  are now elegant and elevated enough to get you through the 9-5 and last through cocktails and date night, all the way to that dreamy moment when you get to crawl back into bed.


Photo credit: VictoriaBeckham.com

Pajamas as the new suit

This seemed like a crazy idea until Victoria Beckham sashayed in at New York Fashion Week wearing this elegant ensemble. (It’s her own design and available here) And all of a sudden it seemed so obvious: the simplicity and fluidity of a well-cut pajamas is just too chic for words. As long as you don it with heels.

Nili Lotan Slip Dress

Photo credit: NiliLotan.com

The nightie as the new day dress

So, the slip has had its off-boudoir outings before, most notably in the 30s, 70s and mid-90s. But what’s new about this particular moment is that the slip is not just for evenings anymore. Wear it with a blazer or a cozy cashmere sweater and it’s ready to take care of business. Nili Lotan has a gorgeous slip selection in various lengths and colors.


For Restless Sleepers Robe Coat

Photo credit: ForRestlessSleepers.com

The robe as a duster coat

Few garments make you feel as luxurious and beautiful as a pretty robe. Which is why it’s an excellent outfit choice when you just want to throw something light and cozy over your outfit, and a trench or sweater is just not your vibe. The Italian luxury line F.R.S. (For Restless Sleepers), whose entirely collection is inspired by sleepwear classics, brings perfectly laid-back glamour with this delightful number.


Ugg-Royale-SlidePhoto credit: Ugg.com


The slipper as the new sandal

Your poor, tired feet have been trapped inside boots all winter. Now it’s finally time to let them see the light of day. And what better way to liberate your tootsies than to treat them to a super-duper soft and fuzzy slide? Whoever started this trend (Gucci?) is our favorite person, ever.

So, as much as it hurts to leave your sleep sanctuary on a dreary Monday morning, you can at least rest assured that your outfit will be Allswell, from top to pajama bottom.