Save Money, Sleep Better: What would you do with an extra $2,700?

Save Money, Sleep Better: What would you do with an extra $2,700?

December 27, 2019


What would you do if you had an extra $2,700? One can only daydream…


At Allswell it is our mission to make these savings a dream come true. By creating quality products at a shocking price value, we are debunking the mattress myth that you need to spend a lot to have a great night’s sleep.


 We partnered with our friends at POPSUGAR to put unsuspecting customers to the ultimate comfort test. Watch to see if shoppers can tell the difference between our $300 Allswell mattress and a $3,000 mattress. 


This leads us to the very important question… What would you do with an extra $2,700?!


A weekend getaway to Italy for some pizza or a weekly massage for a year? Invest in stocks or give back to the ones you love? The Allswell team shares their plans for the savings for some inspiration.



I would save part of it, but I would also definitely put some of it towards a trip! It's cold in New York City and I'd love to get away to someplace warm.

Leslie Cunningham, Retention Marketing


For $2,700 I would book a dream vacation for two to Italy! I'd plan to budget around $500 each for flights from New York, $800 for lodging in hostels or Airbnbs, and $900 for transportation, food, and entertainment.

Tessa Wilson, Retail Coordinator


I'd use the money to bop on over to Italy for the weekend and see how the pizza there compares to a New York slice.

Hayden Davis, Designer


Take my parents out for a nice dinner, and then put the rest into an IRA account!

Joyce Shen, Performance Marketing


Get a massage a week for a year!!

Arlyn Davich, President


I'd plan a trip with my Mom to visit each native city in our heritage!

Heather Corrow, Product Development Lead


I am deal seeker, so I like to think that if I found $7.50 dollars in my pocket everyday for a year, I’d use it to treat myself (or others) to little things all the time...

Like getting coffee for a stranger in line, a silly color of nail polish I will likely never actually use, make a smoothie everyday for a week (I have to control myself around juice press!), or feel less guilty about using wash and fold instead of doing laundry... oh so many treats!

Maira Almeida, Creative Director


Go on a weekend getaway and invest the rest in stocks (let's face it, also probably buy a new outfit).

Rachael Durkin, Head of Retail


Pay off student loan debt.

Jocelyn Bly, Cheapskate Graphic Designer