Skin Depth: NYC Gurus On Inside Out Beauty

Skin Depth: NYC Gurus On Inside Out Beauty

March 01, 2018


We strongly believe that looking good and feeling good are inextricable concepts. That’s why we hope that our wellness stories will give you inspiration to treat yourself Allswell.

We’re in the midst of a beauty revolution. After decades (centuries, actually) of women aspiring to look like some culturally imposed ideal or another, we’re now slowly starting to embrace our individuality. The new beautiful is about being your best self. #YASSQueen. This means taking good care of yourself, in every way.

But don’t take our word for it. We asked some of New York’s most sought-after hair, skin and make-up experts how they define looking good and how they help their clients achieve it. They all came back with a simple, and similar, answer: start on the inside. Be true to yourself and be kind to yourself. Drink water, find life balance and accept what you see in the mirror. And, last but not least, get more sleep.

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The hair guru: Teddi Cranford

After a decade of doing hair on the world’s most prestigious fashion runways, editorial and advertising campaigns, Teddi Cranford assembled her little family of fellow stylists and opened the intimate studio White Rose Collective where fashion and media insiders flock for her authentic and personal touch.

Do you think that inner wellbeing is reflected on the outside?

Yes – I believe that there’s a glow to the skin and sparkle to the eyes when you take care of yourself. It’s all about creating a balance. Someone once told me to never have two bad days in a row. For some reason, that stuck. If I don’t work out one day, or eat properly, I make sure to balance it out the next day. Life is about finding that balance and being happy. I truly believe you see the benefits of that on the outside.

How important is it to get good sleep?

I believe sleep and rest is key to being your absolute best self. I travel a lot, so I have to make sure that I always bring some of my faves that help me relax, like a good cozy shawl or scarf that smells like home and a candle. You can also use your sleep time to benefit your hair. For instance, you can sleep with a nourishing hair oil/or hair mask.

How do you work with a client to find a hairstyle that works best for her?

I ask questions. What does she do for work? Is she low-maintenance? Does she mostly wear her hair up? If so, why? The list goes on. It’s really about getting to know her so I can help  create the best version of her and work with what she has. That’s my aesthetic. Less is more.

What do you say to a woman who’s not comfortable in her own skin?

You’re beautiful.


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The skin whisperer: Britta Plug

Britta Plug runs the holistic skincare practice Britta Beauty where she gives her clients a tailored experience that incorporates techniques from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda to detoxifying massage and LED therapy. She’s a favorite among beauty editors and has been dubbed the city’s best facialist by Harper’s Bazaar

Do you think that emotional wellbeing is reflected on the skin?

Absolutely! The most important factors for healthy skin are sleep and stress reduction. When we're stressed, our bodies pump out hormones that divert energy away from usual functions of skin detoxification, repair, and collagen production. That can be reflected in the skin as breakouts, dullness, dehydration, looking suddenly more fatigued or slow wound healing. When we're happy, peaceful, balanced, all of the happy-skin functions of the body operate like magic below the surface, and our skin shines at its brightest.

How do you work with a client to help her love her skin?

I honestly think that the best, most honest thing I can do in that department is to continue to work on my own self love and acceptance, and sharing from authentic experience. Being in the presence of someone who is truly comfortable in their skin and radiates empathy for others is more powerful than any catchy phrases of encouragement I could offer. So I'll keep practicing, imperfectly, and with all the compassion I can muster.

What do you say when clients ask you about botox and plastic surgery?

I like to offer alternative options to try first! My hope is that they will instead fall in love with the holistic, sustainable, feel-good treatments that also give major results. I also like to educate on why I think this way of working with skin is actually far more effective.

What advice do you give to a woman who doesn't believe she’s beautiful?

Read Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.

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The makeup maven: Andie Markoe-Byrne

Before celebrities like Maria Sharapova and Feist hit the red carpet, they call on Andie Markoe-Byrne. As an in-demand makeup artist for two decades whose resume includes some of the worlds most prestigious brands and magazines, Andie is known for bringing out her clients’ natural glow, whether they’re high-powered execs or some of fashion’s most famous faces.

What’s your philosophy on having a positive relationship to make-up?

The goal of makeup isn't to cover things up, it’s to embrace what you love and feel good about. It can be an amazing accessory for selfcare, because it boosts your confidence and plays up your strengths. It can also be incredibly liberating as a form of self expression. I love making other women feel beautiful and empowered.  

Is self-acceptance important when you apply your own makeup?

Yes it is. Everyone ages, everyone gets a pimple, it’s part of being human. Personally, I’m a fan of aging gracefully. You aren't just beautiful at 20, there is something incredible in every decade of your life to embrace. Simple things like going to bed early, drinking lots of water and wearing sunscreen every day will make you feel good about yourself for years to come.

What beauty advice do you give to a woman who doesn't seem comfortable in her own skin?

Happiness is always the best beauty secret. But happiness is an inside job. Selfcare is very important, as is finding your center. All the products in the world won't make you more beautiful if you don’t have a meaningful life. Makeup is simply the icing on the cake in self-care; a little lipstick can make you feel kick-ass and help you take on each day.

Who are your beauty heroes?

I’d have to say every woman I’ve met. I’m always amazed at the strength and individuality of the wonderful women I’ve gotten to meet over the years. I’m also in awe of industry icons like the late great Kevin Aucoin, Francois Nars and many of my peers and colleagues who have reinvented beauty and inspired women to pick up a product that spoke to them and helped them find their individuality.