Sleep Jokes: Can you solve these 6 sweet sleep pun puzzles?

Sleep Jokes: Can you solve these 6 sweet sleep pun puzzles?

November 01, 2022


Can’t sleep? Instead of counting sheep, try solving these sleep riddles and learn fun facts of some common sleep expressions along the way. 

Spoiler alert! Scroll to the bottom for the answers.

Sleep Riddle #1: 🌃 + 🦉

Who me?! If you’re someone who stays up late to accomplish what others do during the day and then prefers to sleep in, you might identify with this sleep expression.

Sleep joke smarts:

Some historians credit Shakespeare as the first to use this phrase in a poem written in 1594.


Sleep Riddle #2: 😴 + 👶

This sleep phrase refers to infants sleeping peacefully and deeply (although not all parents would agree).This common phrase is often said to someone after they’ve completed a physically exhausting task, like running a marathon.  

Sleep joke smarts:

More than just a sleep-related phrase, comedians and even politicians have used this term as a sleep joke, ending it with a version of, “...every few hours I wake up screaming.”


Sleep Riddle #3: 🧮 + 🐑

This mental exercise is often recommended as an aid to falling asleep. It’s said that the repetitive nature of the visualization can help lull you to sleep.

Sleep joke smarts:

According to Mental Floss, this sleep-related expression comes from medieval shepherds who needed to tally up the members of their herds each night before they were able to sleep.

Sleep Riddle #4: 🍳 + 🛏

This tradition is often used to celebrate someone and show appreciation for their hard work by encouraging them to relax and be treated in the morning. 

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Sleep joke smarts:

This endearing tradition is thought to have started in the early 1930s as a treat for moms on Mother’s Day and continues to this day.

Sleep Riddle #5: 🐈 + 😴

This expression references the sleep cycle of common household pets. It’s the time that you see them taking peaceful, short snoozes during the day, which renders them active at night. 

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Sleep joke smarts:

This term has been used since the early 1800s!


Sleep Riddle #6: 🍬 + 💤

This commonly used term is a charming way to wish someone a good night’s sleep, specifically a night free from nightmares. 

Sleep joke smarts:

This sleep-related expression is also the title of a 1984 hit song by the band The Eurythmics.

Sleep Riddle Answers:

#1 = Night owl

#2 = Sleep like a baby

#3 = Counting sheep

#4 = Breakfast in bed

#5 = Cat nap

#6 = Sweet dreams

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