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We started Allswell with a simple goal: to bring good sleep to all, at the lowest price possible. To that end, our debut mattress — simply called The Allswell — disrupted a sleepy industry with its game-changing combination of luxury and value. Over time, we actually managed to reduce its price, while simultaneously continuing to improve not only our processes (passing on any resulting savings to you), but also the product itself. We've always worked hard to streamline our processes and find efficiencies wherever possible so that we can offer a great product at the best possible price. And now, we’re able to double down on that goal as The Allswell is about to go seriously high-profile.

The Allswell has been getting such great customer and industry reviews that it caught the attention of Walmart — and starting in October, they'll be selling the mattress in many of their stores. In anticipation of this, we've worked for months to figure out how to ramp up production so we can take advantage of this incredible opportunity without sacrificing product quality in the least. And not to brag, but based on the reviews of v2, we think we nailed it. (Just check out the reviews section where we refer to the new version of the mattress as V2).


the allswell v2


We're so excited about giving more people the opportunity to find great sleep (at an amazing value) on The Allswell, and look forward to more of our products getting discovered! (hint to those searching for the next big thing: our new pillows and robes are pretty darn special).


Achieve your #sleepgoals.

A Boundary-Pushing Sequel to a Game-Changing Original.



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