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Designed by tastemaker Jeremiah Brent (@jeremiahbrent), the New American collection epitomizes modern luxury.

Easy Tips for Decorating Your First Home

Long gone are the days where the movie script notion of the American dream meant an immaculate two-story home bordered with a white picket fence à la Leave It to Beaver.

Let’s get real! These days the “dream” is different for everyone, and today’s modern family boasts a ton of personality, wears many hats and embraces its imperfections. Their houses usually reflect that same dynamic.

Whether you are just moving in with your significant other or upsizing as your family grows, you can fully live your own modern dream  — and have a home that’s styled to suit. Here are some easy tips for decorating your first place:


Start with The Bedroom

We assume you get — ahem, aim for — 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night, unless there’s an IV of cold brew constantly swimming through your bloodstream. All joking aside, you spend a good chunk of your life in the bedroom, whether huddled up for a family movie or churning through your inbox working from bed, so it is the perfect place to begin designing your space for your life.

Designing a room that can help you feel both calmed and inspired is no small feat, which is why our New American Bedscape was designed for both  style and comfort. Drawing inspiration from his California home, Jeremiah Brent, curated the collection with clean lines, modern piping, and traditional details that will stand the test of time.It’s hard to beat the luxuriously soft Herringbone Throw and laid-back appeal of our Double Hemmed Linen Euro Sham (sorry, shameless plug).



Pick Timeless Color Palettes

Our culture is always evolving. Whatever style is in right now may be irrelevant in the next 10 years — or however long you live in your new home. But, the right color palette can be your weapon for fighting off fleeting trends. Many people suggest choosing your color palette based on your flooring, but try drawing inspiration from an item you’ve always loved, like a rug or piece of art.

Incorporating classics like white, navy, and greys are a great way to establish a timeless aesthetic. Pops of color, like you find with the collection’s burnt orange accent pillow, are easy ways to add personality to a space.


Try a Statement Piece

What’s wrong with being a little extra from time to time? If you want to express your boldness and individuality, accenting a room with a statement piece can really do the trick. Try replacing your bedroom ceiling fan with a boutique chandelier, or maybe experiment with an elegant nightstand as your centerpiece. Investing in a stylish upholstered sofa or reading chair is a solid option, too. Just make sure it’s durable enough to pass on to your kids when they head off to college.



Take Your Time

It would be amazing to have a bottomless pit of time and money to design your first home, but realistically, that is often not the case, and that’s okay!  Sometimes, less is more. When you first move into your new home, live there for about two months before pulling the trigger on a larger purchase. It will help keep your priorities in check because, for example, you may realize the kitchen needs more work done than the living room.

You may not be able to tackle all of your projects at once, but starting with the bedroom ensures you always have a sanctuary to settle in at the end of a long day of DIY. All in all, relax and spend time with your family and live the American dream the way you have always envisioned.

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