Easy Does It: 5 Hacks for Making the Perfect Bed

Easy Does It: 5 Hacks for Making the Perfect Bed

June 01, 2018


Love the feeling of a clean and pristine bed, but hate the process of making it? We share pro-tips for effortless and aggravation-free ways to get your bed to look and feel its best.

Close your eyes and think about your bed. You instantly get a sensory wave of soothing, warm comfort, right? Because your bed is your sanctuary, and you love everything about it, from the mattress to the throw pillow. Except maybe making it. Let’s fix that. We think you should get to enjoy the feeling of a crisp, clean bed as often as as possible, with as little effort as possible.

Here’s how:

Inside-out duvet cover hack

    Changing your duvet cover tends to be a groan-inducing task. If your duvet is king-size, it can feel like a WrestleMania match. No more.

    • Next time your wash your sheets, leave the duvet cover inside-out after you take it off the bed.
    • When it’s time to put the clean cover on, simply stick your arms inside (the still inside-out) cover,
    • Take a hold of the top corners and line them up with the same corners on your duvet.
    • Now, this is when the magic happens: grab the duvet corners and pull them through the cover, so that they come out with the right side of the cover up.
    • Switch your grip and pull the cover down over the rest of the duvet. Voila, you’re done.

            Making the bed like a hotel tips

            Luxury hotel in 3 seconds hack

            You’re a queen, and queens should live in luxury. Get your five star bed ready for your royal rest in in three super-easy steps:

            • Stack your pillows vertically, not horizontally,  going from larger to smaller, with the biggest pillow resting against your headboard.
            • Tuck your top sheet underneath the pillows.
            • Take a third of your comforter and fold it back over the bottom half of the bed.


            Your bed is now fluffy, yet symmetrical, and voluptuously inviting. 


            Wrinkle-free sheets hack

            There’s an easy way and an ultra-easy way to having smooth, crisp sheets.

            • Easy (yields best results): take the foam roller you bought after you read on Goop that it would give you longer legs. Take your sheet out of the dryer while it’s still damp. Stretch it and fold it lengthwise, until its width is about the same as the foam roller. Roll it tightly on the roller, tugging at the ends to keep it even. Let it dry. You will have a perfectly smooth sheet with perfect creases.
            • Ultra-easy (still yields pretty good results): Take your sheet out of the dryer while it’s still damp. Stretch it and fold it evenly, making sure to smooth the sheet with your hands after each fold. Let it dry. You will have a sheet that is pretty close to wrinkle-free, with nice creases.


              fully made bed with crisp sheets

              Hospital corners hack

              Top sheets aren’t a necessary part of your bed per se, but since they do add a little extra class to your sleeping sanctuary, why not indulge? Especially since hospital corners are a lot easier to achieve than you think they are:

              • Drape the flat sheet evenly on top of the bed.
              • Start at one corner at the foot of the bed. Lift the mattress and tuck the hanging sheet along the foot of the bed.
              • Grab hold of the excess sheet that’s now hanging on the side of the mattress. Lift it up and place on top of the mattress. The edge of the sheet should form a 45-degree angle with the corner of your mattress.
              • Hold the fabric forming a 45-degree angle. Tuck it in along the side of the mattress and let the sheet fall.
              • Match the edge of the sheet to the corner of the mattress and tuck it in. You now have a hospital corner. Repeat with the remaining corners.


                Folding a fitted sheet hack

                Fitted sheets are so practical in so many ways, but so very difficult to fold neatly. But, don’t despair. A nice man in a laundromat in Paris once showed us how to make a fitted sheet fold flat and we have been grateful to him ever since.

                • Spread the sheet out on your bed, with the elastic ends and corners of the sheet facing you.
                • Fold the (elastic) corners and ends and tuck them over the inside of the sheet in until the exterior shape of the sheet forms a rectangle.
                • Now match the folded corners, keeping the already folded parts tucked, and fold the sheet lengthwise.
                • Even out and pat down the folded elastic ends if they are acting up.
                • Keep folding the sheet until it’s nice and neat and in a size that fits your closet.


                  Now, please know that reading about making the bed is a lot more daunting than actually making the bed. Once you start using these hacks, they will quickly become second nature and you will enjoy an effortlessly perfect bed every single night. Now, cozy up on your mattress and sleep tight!