It’s National Sleep Comfort Month! Get Cozy With These 5 Tips for Making Your Space Conducive to Great Sleep

It’s National Sleep Comfort Month! Get Cozy With These 5 Tips for Making Your Space Conducive to Great Sleep

November 07, 2018


November is National Sleep Comfort Month. So —  given the fact that sleep is so important to your overall well being  — it’s a particularly good time to take stock of your sleep situation and make sure it’s as cozy and serene as it can be. Not only does that mean a great mattress, but it also means snuggly bedding and a cozy overall environment that’s conducive to sound snoozing.

To mark this month, we’re excited to share #30DaysOfAllswell — complete with tips, thoughts, and inspiration on truly making sleep matter — and adding comfort and coziness to your sleep environment. Our goal this month is for you to rethink, restyle, and recharge your sleep routine (and, in the process, create a little more feeling of Allswell).

It’s easy to participate: Just post photos of your comfy sleep oasis (we’d love it if it includes an Allswell mattress or bedding — but we encourage anyone to participate!) and include the hashtag #30DaysofAllswell. And don’t forget to follow us @allswellhome to be inspired — during National Sleep Comfort Month and beyond. Because everyone deserves to feel Allswell.

woman with sleep mask in allswell bed

To kick off the month, we’ve put together five tips to help you sleep and on how to add a little Zen to your space (and your life), quick:

1. Sign Out of Social Media

Take the night off social media. It’s going to be OK … your carefully curated feed (hopefully containing dozens of cat memes) will be there the next morning.

2. Pick a Good Book to Read Before Bed

In place of the aforementioned feed, start a good book you’ve been meaning to read. Even a semi-boring one (the goal here is to sleep!). Join the #AllswellBookClub to see what we’re reading now.

3. Set Up Your Space for Zen

Set a serene, spa-like tone by placing a diffuser with a relaxing scent near the bed.

4. Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Give your bedroom a thorough cleaning and organizing, even if it’s just a midweek tidy-up apart from your regular cleaning cycle. Keep surfaces uncluttered and your mind might just clear up to match.

5. Pick the Best Bedding to Get You Relaxed

Have fun with bedding. Restyle your sleep situation by pairing blankets and decorative pillows in rich colors and luxe textures with timeless white sheets. (When it comes to this tip, we just happen to have some options that are rather chic if we do say so ourselves …) Here’s to a cozy November!