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You just bought a new Allswell mattress … and before you start snoozing, you obviously have to set it up. Luckily, the latter is ridiculously easy. Still, here are some quick tips that’ll ensure maximum enjoyment of your new mattress:

Time to unbox. Your hybrid Allswell mattress is going to ship in a box that’s way less than a regular mattress size. And when you open the box, it’ll be bundled and condensed. But don’t stress. Just look for the instructions in the box, plus a simple tool (also included) to help you remove the packaging without harming the mattress.

Clear and de-clutter. No, you don’t have to purge all your cassette tapes from the ‘90s or begin a severely minimalist phase (unless you’d like to). You simply have to clear enough space for the entire mattress. Remember, the mattress will quickly spring to full size after you cut the packaging open, so measure a space that’s at least 2 feet in addition to the length and width of the bed … to ensure you’ll have enough walking and maneuvering space. (If you already have a box spring and bed and are just plopping the mattress on top, just plop it on top and go get a glass of wine.)

Watch the magic unfold. As soon as you remove the packaging and set the mattress down, it’ll expand all on its own — and be ready to sleep on — within minutes. (Many find this oddly satisfying to watch.)

Break it in. This one’s easy. Just go to sleep. For 100 nights. And see how you like it. No special break-in is required, but we have a 100-night money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy.*

Upgrade your environment. Now that your new mattress is at home in its new environment — and you’re at home with it — update the space around it with some stylish new bedding and decor. Boom — you’ve created an oasis with minimal effort.

*Applies to mattress purchase price only. Mattress removal and recycling fees are nonrefundable. Return must be initiated within 100 days of mattress delivery. Not available for mattresses which would not qualify for coverage under our 10-year limited warranty available at

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