Real Talk: Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

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July 12, 2022


Do you routinely wake up with an aching back and are still tired? It might be time to invest in a new mattress. But, ugh, it’s a BIG investment. Why are mattresses so expensive? Well, there are several factors that go into the price of a mattress. In this post we’ll break down those factors to help you understand what exactly you’re investing in and share our secret for how you can find a quality mattress that doesn’t break the bank.

So, why are mattresses so expensive?

The bulk of the cost of a mattress comes from the materials used to make it and how the mattress is constructed. Additionally, other factors play a role, like manufacturing costs, shipping costs, business overhead costs, and markups. 

Let’s dive under the covers to find out more about what makes mattresses so expensive.

Mattress Size

Generally, the bigger the mattress, the higher the price tag. Just from a manufacturing standpoint, more materials equal more money. 

Mattress Construction

At its most basic, a mattress includes a foundation or base layer and a comfort layer on top. Some mattresses add one or more dense transitional layers, which are nestled between the base and comfort layer and used to provide extra—you guessed it—comfort! It’s all topped off with a cover, which encases the entire mattress and adds a finishing touch. Added extras like more layers, cooling gels, and more luxurious covers generally add to the overall cost of the mattress.

It's what's inside that counts!

Mattress Materials

The components that make up a mattress can be costly but premium materials are often worth it. Settle in to learn what those materials are and how they’re used to construct a mattress.

Innerspring Mattresses:

These affordable beds are constructed using basic materials with an innerspring foundation and a foam comfort layer on top. 

How much does an innerspring mattress cost? The Sleep Foundation says that innerspring mattresses, on average, cost roughly $1,000 for a queen size but can be much cheaper depending on the quality and materials used. Innerspring mattresses last about 5 to 6 years.

All-Foam Mattresses:

These mattresses are made exclusively of memory foam (or viscoelastic polyfoam, if you want to get technical). The signature feel of a mattress constructed completely of memory foam is the gentle hug as the foam contours to your body. Memory foam does retain heat, which isn’t great for sleeping cool. You usually have to spring (get it?) for better quality memory foam with cooling gel layers to help combat the heat retention. 

How much does an all-foam mattress cost? The average price of a queen size all-foam mattress, according to the Sleep Foundation, is $1,050. An all-foam mattress will generally last 5 to 8 years, depending on the quality of the material used to make it. 

Hybrid Mattresses:

As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses are a blend of two things, innerspring coils and a memory foam comfort layer. The springs form the foundation provide a comfortable bounce while the memory foam comfort layer offers body-contouring support. Higher end hybrids also feature dense transitional layers and have bonus additions like cooling gel layers.

Hybrid mattresses are considered the best of the best because they provide a quality blend of comfort and support. This often means a bigger investment. According to the Sleep Foundation, queen size hybrid mattresses cost $2,050 on average (but keep reading to learn how you can find hybrid mattresses for much less!) and, on average, last 6 to 10 years.

Want more information on the pros of hybrid mattresses? Peek our hybrid mattresses guide!

How to Find an Affordable, Quality Mattress

Okay, here’s the good part! Did you know that every Allswell mattress is a hybrid mattress? Our brand was founded on the idea that everyone deserves access to a quality mattress for an incredible value. We strive to keep our prices accessible while keeping our quality sky-high! Proof? A queen size Allswell hybrid mattress weighs in at just $329 and our most luxurious Allswell Supreme hybrid mattress comes in at $999 for the queen size as well! All Allswell mattresses boast individually wrapped coils to minimize motion transfer, a cooling gel layer that transfers heat away from the body, and a 10-year limited warranty. 

How can Allswell mattresses be this accessibly priced and ultra comfortable? There’s no catch, we just believe that everyone deserves a great night’s sleep on a well-made mattress. While we have manufacturing costs, shipping, and overhead, like any other business, we’re committed to keeping costs down wherever we can, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice your comfort. Learn more about our prices

Does price equal quality in a mattress?

At the end of the (long) day, does a mattress have to be expensive to be good? No! Quality materials and construction methods factor into the cost of any mattress, but just because it carries a high price tag doesn’t mean it's made with superior quality or offers you good value.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that a higher price doesn’t always signal better quality! If you consider how much time you spend sleeping (or should be sleeping), the benefits of finding a comfortable mattress, no matter your budget or how much you spend, is worth it.



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