Customizable Tiny Home

A tiny home that makes a huge style statement, this smartly chic abode proves small is the new big. Its superb space utilization, sophisticated finishes, and exhaustive list of features (including two Allswell mattresses) stylishly underscore the fact that a luxe experience can indeed come in a little package.
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$100,000 *

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Our philosophy is to make good sleep accessible to all. Whether you choose The Allswell (our new industry-disrupter) or the Luxe Hybrid (our original mattress that's become a customer favorite), we'll prove to you that it's possible for a great sleep experience to come at a tiny price.

Customizable Tiny Home

At Allswell, our goal is to encourage you to elevate your home by transforming every bedroom in it. But if that concept
hasn't caught your fancy, well, we've got a whole new home for you to consider. We should mention it's small (tiny, even) … but when it comes to space utilization and design cred, this 28-foot custom trailer home, by industry leading builder Tiny Modern Living, is downright mighty. Whether you're looking to downsize, embrace a minimalist moment, take up a second residence, or just break down barriers and put your style on wheels, this diminutive design achievement is the ideal backdrop for a stylishly cozy life.

While not big in size, your new tiny home will be big on features: plenty of elevated takes on everyday essentials throughout (and of course that includes Allswell mattresses and bedding). It perfectly exemplifies our ultimate aim at Allswell: to redefine luxury as something that's accessible to all. Beyond its standard features (above), you can have your tiny home customized in myriad ways, so that it perfectly reflects your style.

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* Offer expires on 5/15/19 at 11:55 pm ET . Limit 1 per household. Excludes shipping and the mattress recycling fee. Offer subject to change or cancellation. Other restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited.

* Allswell is delighted to promote the Tiny Homes for your purchase. Please note, however, that Allswell is not responsible for the design, transfer, construction, sale, warranty, or delivery of any Tiny Home that you may purchase. Any such terms and conditions regarding a Tiny Home shall be between you and the builder of the Tiny Home - and not Allswell in any way. By purchasing a Tiny Home from the builder, you are agreeing to release, cancel, forgive, and forever discharge Allswell and its affiliates, officers, employees, and agents from all actions, claims, demands, damages, obligations, and liabilities, of any kind whatsoever, whether known or unknown, arising from or in connection with the sale, transfer, purchase, design, warranty, or delivery of any Tiny Home to you.