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Tiny Home Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in purchasing an Allswell Tiny Home.*
We have a few quick questions before we connect you with our builder:

* Allswell is delighted to promote the Tiny Homes for your purchase. Please note, however, that Allswell is not responsible for the design, transfer, construction, sale, warranty, or delivery of any Tiny Home that you may purchase. Any such terms and conditions regarding a Tiny Home shall be between you and the builder of the Tiny Home - and not Allswell in any way. By purchasing a Tiny Home from the builder, you are agreeing to release, cancel, forgive, and forever discharge Allswell and its affiliates, officers, employees, and agents from all actions, claims, demands, damages, obligations, and liabilities, of any kind whatsoever, whether known or unknown, arising from or in connection with the sale, transfer, purchase, design, warranty, or delivery of any Tiny Home to you.

Thank you! We will get in touch soon.