Is your mattress too soft?

Why Allswell

Is your mattress too soft?

You know that sinking feeling that comes with an unsupportive mattress? Stay afloat with the Allswell Luxe Classic, Firmer. Here are just 9 reasons to embrace "the firmer one" for superior sleep.

Reasons to choose a firmer mattress

(Because it's ah-mazing)

We've got you covered

Our high-quality materials and innovative technology are two of the reasons our firmer mattress is such a crowd-pleaser.
12-inches tall vs. the typical 9 inches
Our mattresses both look and feel luxe.
Plush Topper
Built-in for premium softness.
Cool to the Touch
Our specially woven fabric is designed to feel cool to the touch.
Natural Ingredients
No chemical deodorizers here; we leverage natural ingredients such as plant derived oils.
CertiPUR Certification
Our foam is made without ozone depleting substances, formaldehyde and other harmful materials.

Let the reviews speak for themselves

It's one thing to tell you our product is fabulous (it is!); it's another to let the people tell you for themselves. Time and again, our mattresses get rave reviews… whew!
Like the best hug ever…
This mattress holds your body and conforms around your curves perfectly. The firm structure adds that extra something that you need when getting ready for a great nights sleep. I owned and icomfort for years, and this surpasses that mattress on all levels. Do not think this is a typical boring mattress by any means. The support and comfort is beyond expectations.
— S.I.

Feel the firm!

No matter how you sleep—or with whom—our slightly firmer hybrid mattress pairs innovative memory foams with coils for a medium-firm feel that fits the whole family.

Serenity now

Skip the stress of purchasing a new mattress. In addition to mattresses and bedding, at Allswell we're also in the peace of mind business.
We Offer*
Free Ground Shipping
100-Night Risk-Free Trial (really)
10-Year Limited Warranty
Optional Old Mattress Removal

Work with what you have

Allwell rises up to meet you. We designed our mattresses to ensure compatibility with your bedroom setup.
Box Springs
Slated Frames
Adjustable Frames
With or without a box spring, our mattresses can go almost anywhere!

All hail the Supreme Queen

We are firm believers in celebrating women. We renamed our King mattress the Supreme Queen to celebrate all women who deserve this highest honor.

Photo credit: @allthingsada and @the_real_chi


Beyond the bed


Beyond the bed

Allswell is more than the mattress. It's a philosophy. It's the feeling of inner calm and joy experienced during life's best moments. It's the sentiment of grounded perspective and gratitude experienced when push comes to shove. It's the satisfaction of knowing you’re living your values in your own space.
* 100-Night Risk-Free Trial: Applies to mattress purchase price only. Mattress removal and recycling fees are nonrefundable. Return must be initiated within 100 days of mattress delivery. Not available for mattresses which would not qualify for coverage under our 10-year limited warranty available at Optional Old Mattress Removal: $50 removal fee applies unless you waive the 100-night risk free trial at checkout.